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Where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems.

Director Jim Henson and executive producer George Lucas present this fantasy adventure starring David Bowie. A young girl (Jennifer Connelly) enters a mysterious maze in order to find her baby brother...

Left to babysit her brother Toby, Sarah grows agitated by his intrusive crying. In a moment of frustration, she inadvertently summons Jareth the Goblin King (Bowie) to take her brother away. Upon realising her mistake, she is swept away to a strange world. There, the Goblin King offers her a chance at redemption: beat the labyrinth and her baby brother will be hers once more. With only 13 hours to solve the maze, Sarah must reach Jareth’s castle before Toby is turned into a goblin.


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Adventure, Kids & Family, Fantasy, Musical


Rating: G


Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


Great energy and creativity went into the construction, production and direction of this movie, but it doesn't have a story that does justice to the production.

Empire (UK)


Fabulous fantasy from the godfather of modern puppetry Jim Henson.

New York Times


A remarkable achievement.

Total Film (UK)


Jim Henson's instinctive grasp of what kids like extends to scaring the bejeezus out of them by turning Muppets into a menagerie of weirdness.