Last Chance Harvey

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Baby boomer romance with Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. Hoffman plays New York jingle writer Harvey (Hoffman), who upon arriving in London for his daughter's wedding is informed she wants her step-father to give her away. Royally hacked off and trying to hide his dissapointment, Harvey skips the reception heading straight to the airport. But he misses his plane anyway. When he calls his boss to explain he won't be back at work on Monday, he's fired on the spot. While drowning his sorrows in the Heathrow bar, he meets Kate (Emma Thompson), an airport worker with a few problems of her own. Both their lives are changed as a new relationship blooms amid some of London’s most scenic locales. 


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Comedy, Drama, Romance


Rating: PG contains coarse language


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A solid romantic drama for the baby boomers finds Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson as kindred spirits meeting via chance circumstances in London. To accommodate the expectations of a world-weary mature audience, the romance gets turned down a notch, with gentle humour and friendship taking precedence.

Thompson is fantastic in the role of a woman whose romantic heart has been hardened by the daily grind. A highlight is a scene where she’s on a blind date that ends up overwhelming her. This keenly observed social awkwardness also extends to Dustin Hoffman’s Harvey when he finds himself alone and unwanted at his daughter’s wedding.

But subtlety is short-changed with a story that takes a few too many predictable turns, i.e. an accidental missing of an appointment resulting in the other person getting upset – a regular romantic drama staple. The London setting is also underutilised and it looks as if the production spent a block of days shooting in the same spot on the South Bank of the River Thames.

Last Chance Harvey could have been better if the script cut out the syrupy bits but overall it's a likeable effort given a lift by the very watchable Emma Thompson.

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


Last Chance Harvey is a tremendously appealing love story surrounded by a movie not worthy of it.

Hollywood Reporter


Imagine Paddy Chayefsky's "Marty" saddled with more sentimentality and sprinkled with a few more laughs and you pretty much have Last Chance Harvey.

Los Angeles Times


Small and surprisingly hopeful film, with beautifully attenuated performances by Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson.

New York Times


There’s something irresistible about watching two people fall in love, even in contrived, sniffle- and sometimes gag-inducing films like Last Chance Harvey.

NZ Herald (Peter Calder)


Two great actors turn a sentimental script into irresistible entertainment.

TV3 (David T Hay)


Writer/director Joel Hopkins seems lost in a limbo between attempting a film of true intimacy, and the grandstanding of his English romcom stablemates like Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually.

Variety (USA)


Stars Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson (reunited after 2006's "Stranger Than Fiction") are so disarmingly charming that even the most treacly moments work an emotional magic.

Last Chance Harvey

A wonderful film about the pain, struggle and helplessness of human relationships, with brilliantly sympathetic performances from Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson.