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An action exploitation flick from Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror, Sin City), and produced by Quentin Tarantino. The film is an expansion of a fake trailer Rodriguez directed for the double feature Grindhouse, made with Tarantino in 2007.

Machete (the prolific Danny Trejo's first lead role) is a renegade, former Mexican Federale. Broke and in need of work in Texas, he meets a local businessman named Booth (Jeff Fahey) who offers him a large cash payment for the assassination of corrupt local senator, McLaughlin (Robert De Niro). About to carry out the task, Machete is double-crossed and shot. Turns out he was being used as a patsy – Booth, working for McLaughlin, staged the 'assassination' to help create sympathy for the senator and anti-immigrant feeling within the electorate.

In hospital but under around-the-clock police watch, the wounded Machete escapes and teams with Luz (Michelle Rodriguez), his brother (Cheech Marin) and a group of illegal immigrants to hunt the people who double crossed him. Also stars Steven Seagal, Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan.


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Action, Adventure


Rating: R18 Contains Graphic Violence


Based on a fake trailer that popped up in Tarantino/Rodriguez’s double feature, Grindhouse, the feature-length Machete knows its limits and doesn’t try to out-stretch itself. Its simple origins translate into a straightforward, highly enjoyable exploitation flick where half the laughs come from deliberately shonky production values, and the remainder from the wooden awesomeness of its cast.

We’re talking unbelievable stunts, clunky dialogue and eyebrow-raising sexism. In this world of faded celluloid, where all men are macho and the women are sizzlingly hot, Danny Trejo’s mean Mexican, Machete, punches and pummels his way through a motley crew of crims without raising a hair on his ‘tache. Trailing him is ‘tough cop’ Jessica Alba, fans of whom will be pleased to enjoy a nekkid (albeit computer-graphics-enabled) shower scene.

Other callers that join the party include the brilliant Steven Seagal, Cheech Marin, Michelle Rodriguez, Don Johnson and old Bobby De Niro. And then there’s the game Lindsay Lohan, finally embracing her public persona and letting it all hang out.

Machete could be divisive. Its self-aware sense of shallow humour really appealed to this reviewer, but some may judge it a bit flippant and perhaps lacking substance. In any case, that’s missing the point. Rodriguez – king of the stretch-a-budget, DIY mentality – is once again paying homage to all the B-grade schlock that inspired him, and having a hell of a lot of fun while he’s at it.

Empire (UK)


This is not the down-and-dirty homage to ’70s sex and violence promised by its pre-emptive trailer — or only sporadically so. The cast work hard — Trejo oozes bad-ass charisma — and the film has some outrageously enjoyable set-pieces, but overall, the convoluted plot and Rodriguez’ agenda spoil the fun.

Hollywood Reporter


The ensemble cast -- ranging from an Oscar winner (De Niro) and faded action star (Seagal) to a B-movie vet (Fahey) and tabloid fodder (Lindsay Lohan, not exactly playing against type as a drugged-out, hell-raising sexpot) -- pretty much offers something for everybody.

New York Times


For all its political button pushing, Machete is too preposterous to qualify as satire. The only viewers it is likely to upset are the same kind of people who once claimed that the purple Tinky Winky in "Teletubbies" promoted a gay agenda

Total Film (UK)


He’s a Mexican, not a Mexican’t…

Variety (USA)


Wildly uneven as it doggedly strives (sometimes with obvious strain) to sustain a free-wheeling, anything-goes air of exuberant junkiness.

"They just f****d with the wrong moviegoer..."

The fake trailer in GRINDHOUSE was fantastic - one of the best moments in the entire movie - but sadly this extended version fails to be either funny or entertaining. Neither homage nor pastiche this just doesn't work - despite De Niro's presence and a great cast. Robert Rodriguez has made some great adult movies (and some crap kids fare) - but this neither shocks nor delights. It feels rushed, barely scripted and relies on "post modern irony" to disguise the fact that, unlike the excellent PLANET TERROR of GRINDHOUSE - this Mexican just doesn't cut the mustard... er, taco.

Stupid macho crap

Written and produced for the mentally challenged!

Barking mad stuff!

Butt- ugly "hero"? Check.

Insanely gorgeous women? Check.

Thoroughly grounded, meaningful storyline? ya gotta be kidding!!

Absolutely, hilariously barking mad from the get-go with gallons of gore and mayhem thrown in for good measure. This is revenge-fantasy stuff that doesn't take itself seriously for a moment - and neither should the viewer. The story line is mad as a cut snake, with plot holes the size the size of the Basin Reserve - leave ya brain at the door and enjoy!!








thi looks amazing and it wass go see this fillm!!




been waiting for this since seeing the first preview on the grindhouse movies, hell yeah i want some machete!