Meeting Gorbachev

Coming to Cinemas 21 November 2019

Werner Herzog interviews former Russian head of state Mikhail Gorbachev and key eyewitnesses to his influential place in late 20th Century history. The backbone of the film is made up of three in-depth interviews conducted across a six-month period.


Directed by



English and Russian, German, Polish with English subtitles

UK, USA, Germany

Hollywood Reporter


Herzog's film may not be the final word on Gorbachev, but it is affectionate and candid and leaves audiences in a melancholy mood about the sometimes short-lived nature of reform.



It's ultimately because of Gorbachev's seeming unwillingness to fit the director's usual mold that Meeting Gorbachev is able to become such a different and engaging bio-doc.

Variety (USA)


"Meeting Gorbachev," though consistently engaging, is less a fireworks display than a fireside chat, and so feels curiously like an opportunity missed.