Mirror Mirror

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One Bad Apple.

Beloved Grimm fairytale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs gets a retelling in this lavish comedy-fantasy with Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen, Lily ('daughter of Phil') Collins as Snow White, and Armie Hammer as the Prince.

After the orphaned, timid Princess Snow White wins the heart of the Prince, the Queen - consumed with jealousy - banishes her to the forest to live out her days in lonely exile. But Snow is rescued by seven rebel dwarfs. Together they fight to reclaim her Kingdom and her Prince. Directed by Tarsem Singh (Immortals).


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Adaptation, Comedy, Kids & Family, Fantasy, Kids


Rating: PG contains violence


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A.V. Club (USA)


Mirror Mirror is sometimes slow, and sometimes too reliant on fakey special effects, but ready to redeem itself with genuinely creative ideas, like the CGI marionette villains or Tarsem’s dark, spooky take on the magic mirror.

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


The movie sort of boring, and there's not much energy in the two places it should really be felt: Between the Queen and Snow White, and between Snow and the Prince.

Empire (UK)


Superlative performances from Roberts and Hammer almost cover the shortcomings. Like most Tarsem films it's a muddle, but this time not one with enough distracting dazzle.

Hollywood Reporter


This is a movie drowning in flamboyant design elements and in need of a stiff shot of enchantment.

New York Times


“Mirror Mirror” is consistently watchable, even when it drifts into dullness because Mr. Singh always gives you something to look at, whether it’s the Queen’s blood-red gown, the sailing clouds decorating her bedroom or the dwarfs’ woodland home.

Total Film (UK)


To borrow a line Roberts spits at Collins, there's something about Mirror that's incredibly irritating. Fingers crossed Huntsman has more edge.

Variety (USA)


The script is a mostly mirthless affair, littered with stray amusements but more often bogged down by strained whimsy.

So, so, so bad

Genuinely awful. The acting is wooden, the script is flat and, at times, the set looks like something out of a high-school production. Plus, the Queen's better looking than Snow (Mono-brow) White. And then there's the dancing...

Not worth the price of a ticket

After seeing the trailer I thought this movie looked like heaps of fun. I have to admit the cast was great and so were the costumes, but the story line was empty. I still can't quite put my finger on what was missing; I found myself falling asleep halfway through the movie as the jokes always seemed to fall flat. I also couldn't understand the reason for the bollywood music video in the credits it made no sense at all. If you find yourself in need of going to the movies, definitely skip this film and wait for the dvd release.