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Paul Sheldon used to write for a living. Now, he's writing to stay alive.

Kathy Bates won an Oscar for portraying a frighteningly obsessive fan of an author (James Caan) who happens to crash his car right next to her remote home. Unable to move, the author is nursed back to health by his "number one fan." But as the days go on, care turns into captivity, and adoration warps into abuse.


Best Actress in a Leading Role (Bates), Academy Awards & Golden Globes 1991

Directed by

Written by


Crime, Drama, Thriller


Rating: M Violence & offensive language


Empire (UK)


There are a few holes in the plot, mainly towards the end, but from start to harrowing finish, it is blissfully apparent that Rob Reiner can indeed turn his hand to virtually anything.

Guardian (UK)


It maintains its tension well, plays enough tricks on us so that we don’t ever treat anything quite seriously and Goldman’s script has enough good lines and situations to keep one interested in exactly what is coming next.

Time Out London


Reiner captures just the right level of physical tension, but for the most part wisely emphasises the mental duels. Terrific.

Roger Ebert


It is a good story, a natural, and it grabs us. But just as there is almost no way to screw it up, so there's hardly any way to bring it above a certain level of inspiration.