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A relentlessly thrilling addition to the MI series

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Few series can make it to the sixth movie and find itself being better than all the rest, and yet here we are, Mission Impossible: Fallout is (for the moment) the peak of the series.

These movies are only memorable for their action set-pieces, which Tom Cruise so famously & willingly clearly pushes to the limit. This movie spares no expense and pulls no punches, every action sequence in this movie is about as perfect as one could hope from Mission Impossible.

Christopher McQuarrie hasn't directed a lot of films, but ever since The Way of the Gun, he's clearly shown a talent for action, and offers a talent few outside of Asia seem to possess. Both TWotG & Jack Reacher had tight & realistic action, which reminded me of classics like Heat & Bullitt. Honestly, however, I found myself let down by Rogue Nation. It's only been three years, and the only thing I can even remember about the movie is the airplane sequence the movie is famous for, and even that didn't impress me a whole lot. Ghost Protocal had set a series high, and so naturally Rogue Nation disappointing (me) brought my enthusiasm for the series down, and tempered my expectations of what McQuarrie would provide the movie with this time around. This felt like the McQuarrie I had loved in the past, with some of the best action brought to film to date. Every fight scene, and car chase felt incredibly real, and that provided an incredible intensity that had be scrunching my face up at every near miss. The sound design was notably perfect here too, something I've come to expect from McQuarrie. Every gunshot felt like a gut punch, and had me reminded of his past movies, or other ones like The Raid.

Two things worth noting about this movie, which I honestly can't say I have noticed about previous entries, was just how noteworthy the editing, music and especially the sound were here. The edit had no wasted moments. It never once reached a lull where you're just waiting for the next action sequence to kick in. The adrenaline felt after each action set piece, kept pumping through your body, while the film dealt with it's characters, and plot, and always kept the momentum going, while also establishing real stakes, and actual emotion (something the series has always lacked I've felt). The classic theme always gives goosebumps, but it was the drums that played in moments of action that really had my blood pumping, and encourages me to go to Spotify & listen to it leisurely.

This movie is a relentless joyride, that will surely not disappoint any action fan. It finds excitement in little moments, and gives every action sequence big & small stakes. It gives minor characters standout moments, like the bathroom fight, and the female cop, that really gave the movie some distinctive flavour. Obviously, as a Kiwi, seeing the beautiful scenery of our country in the final moments of the movie only added to it's already mounting charm. As usual, the series pulls out some great classic MI moments that everyone has come to expect, but it still managed to pull out plenty of surprises. A worthwhile ride, that will be one of the years best blockbusters, but has quickly earned its place in the list of greatest action movies of all time. A must watch for any fan of the series, or action in general.