Mom and Dad

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Sometimes they just want to kill you.

Nicholas Cage and Selma Blair are two parents on a mission to murder their kids in this black horror comedy from Crank director Brian Taylor.

"Mommy and Daddy ain't alright, and they're definitely more than a little weird in this pitch-black horror comedy that imagines a 24-hour nightmare where parents worldwide succumb to a mysterious mass hysteria that turns them violently against their own children. It's a macabre and inspired conceit, and one mined for biting social satire by writer/director Brian Taylor on his first solo outing since his gonzo collaborations with Mark Neveldine (the Crank films, Gamer), which similarly provoked and parodied cultural bugaboos." (Toronto International Film Festival)

Telegraph (UK)


Mom and Dad is both a torrid exploitation cinema throwback, and a metaphor for a generation of kids screwed over by their elders.

Variety (USA)


Though sure to be distasteful for some viewers even to ponder, this giddy exercise transcends mere bad-taste humor to become one of the great jet-black comedies about suburbia.

Hollywood Reporter


Zero-to-60 speed crazy is pretty much right in Cage’s wheelhouse...

Guardian (UK)


This is an unrepentant midnight movie, dirty and violent and best enjoyed with a steady supply of alcohol.

Total Film (UK)


An exploitation movie that, paradoxically, exhibits too much good taste. Still, expect “Saws all!” to become a 2018 catchphrase.

Time Out London


Cage’s performance is wildly in sync with Brian Taylor’s over-caffeinated direction.


Now, this film is bad, really bad, but its so incredibly bad that I loved it and had one of the best experiences watching a film this year. Watch this with a friend or two and you will piss yourself laughing, Nicolas Cage Is insane!


Without Nicholas Cage and Selma Blair this one would be terrible but they manage to make it somewhat interesting. Read the synopsis before you watch it, may not be your cup of tea




Mom And Dad Review

This is actually one of the worst movies I've ever seen, it was ugly, disgusting and disturbing. For some reason, I actually thought this was going to be good, but I was dead wrong.