Mr. Nice

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True-to-life comedy-drama about the career of Howard Marks, an elite British drug smuggler, based on his autobiography. Stars Rhys Ifans, Chloë Sevigny, David Thewlis and Crispin Glover.

"Howard Marks (Ifans) was a young Welshman studying at Oxford when he discovered there was something unusual about his dorm room – it had a secret passageway that led to a storage space used by one of the school's top marijuana dealers. Marks and the dealer struck up a friendship as he became an enthusiastic customer, and a few years later, when plans to bring a large cache of hashish into England via Germany went haywire, Marks stepped in to help and was introduced to a circle of big league marijuana traffickers." (Official Synopsis)


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Biography, Comedy, Drama, True Story & Biography


Rating: R16 contains drug use, sex scenes & offensive language


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A.V. Club (USA)


The result is a film that's long and choppy, with little narrative momentum. And yet at times, Mr. Nice is frustratingly close to brilliant.

Empire (UK)


A solid, often entertaining life-of-crimer which benefits from some stylistic touches and a faithful, convincing central performance.

New York Times


An affable throwback to those guilt-free days when hippie drug dealers radiated the glamorous aura of avant-garde heroes risking prison to spread the doctrine of liberation through cannabis.

Total Film (UK)


A faithful, fun but flawed adaptation of a shaggy-haired, shaggydog story. Marks could have had it all, but he let his life go up in smoke instead. Why? Haven’t the foggiest.

Variety (USA)


Mildly amusing but overly discursive.