Northmen: A Viking Saga

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Viking action adventure from Switzerland. A squad of ferocious Vikings are left stranded behind enemy lines when a storm takes down their longboat. Their only way out is to cut a path through foreign and hostile lands. Cast includes non-Scandinavians Ryan Kwanten and Charlie Murphy.


Directed by

Action, Adventure


Rating: R13 Violence

Switzerland, Germany, South Africa

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TwitchFilm (USA)


Does not resemble any other movie recently produced in Switzerland. But by trying hard to look like a Hollywood production, the film inherits similar flaws that handicap many American blockbusters. As such, one may regret that the Swiss producers have not tried to infuse a greater European flavor to their Viking odyssey.

Iris (Australia)


While it’s an adequate and epic adventure/drama, this battle does fail to properly introduce the characters and their back stories, meaning you struggle to have any sense of emotional investment in their fates.