NT Live: Skylight

NT Live: Skylight

From the National Theatre's 2014 season of live recordings direct from the Wyndham Theatre in London, Carey Milligan and Bill Nighy star in David Hare's excellent 1995 drama Skylight. Directed by Stephen Daldry (The Audience).

"On a bitterly cold London evening, schoolteacher Kyra Hollis (Mulligan) receives an unexpected visit from her former lover, Tom Sergeant (Nighy), a successful and charismatic restaurateur whose wife has recently died. As the evening progresses, the two attempt to rekindle their once passionate relationship only to find themselves locked in a dangerous battle of opposing ideologies and mutual desires." (National Theatre)

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Rating: M Offensive language and sexual references


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The combination of private pain and public rage in this revival of David Hare's play hits you straight between the eyes.