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Tilda Swinton leads this lavish fantasy period drama as a young man who, under the Queen’s command, is told to stay young forever. This miraculously happens, allowing the nobleman to experience various relationships throughout the following centuries of British history. Nominated for two Oscars for its set decoration and costume design.


Directed by

Written by

  • Sally Potter
  • (based on the novel of the same name by Virginia Woolf)

Drama, Fantasy, Romance


Rating: PG Sexual references

UK, Russia, Italy, France, Netherlands

Washington Post


An epic suffused with metaphysical musing and sexual politics...

Roger Ebert


This is the kind of movie you want to talk about afterward.

Empire (UK)


What it perhaps lacks in content, the film more than makes up for in its stunning design and accesible, humorous approach.

Time Out New York


Swinton's androgynous affect has rarely been better exploited...

Variety (USA)


Orlando provides exciting, wonderfully witty entertainment with glorious settings and costumes and Tilda Swinton's sock performance in the title role.