Our Idiot Brother

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Everybody has one.

Paul Rudd is Ned - the titular idiot, idealist and an erstwhile organic farmer. After being dumped by his girlfriend, he crashes into the lives of his sisters (Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer and Elizabeth Banks).

"Every family has one: the sibling who is always just a little bit behind the curve when it comes to getting his life together. For sisters Liz, Miranda and Natalie, that person is their perennially upbeat brother Ned, whose willingness to rely on the honesty of mankind is a less-than-optimum strategy for a tidy, trouble-free existence... After his girlfriend dumps him and boots him off the farm, his sisters once again come to his rescue. As Liz, Miranda and Natalie each take a turn at housing Ned, their brother's unfailing commitment to honesty creates more than a few messes in their comfortable routines." (Official Synopsis)

Freaking hilarious :-)))).....)))

Paul Rudd is at his comic best. Ned's a likeable guy who just loves life and humanity. His honesty and naivety takes the family on a journey through it's darkest secrets. And through the journey all get a better understanding of themselves.

The humour at times can be subtle and deadpan so the movie won't score well typically on American ratings sites.

This is an immensely funny movie and worth seeing with friends, family and whoever else you can find for a great night. Personally I'd skip the trailers and get the movie. The less you know the better. We knew nothing when we saw it.