Paddington 2

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It takes a bear to catch a thief.

The sequel to 2014's hit Paddington. Original cast members Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins return alongside newcomers Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson. When Paddington is thrown in prison, it's up to his adoptive family, the Browns, to find the real criminal and clear the bear's name.


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Animated, Comedy, Kids & Family


Rating: G

UK, France

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If you prefer your family friendly films with plenty of laughs, delightful characters and a snappy pace, you absolutely will not be disappointed with this second installment of adventures about the little brown bear from deepest Peru.

The film’s CGI star Paddington Bear, voiced masterfully by Ben Whishaw (James Bond’s latest Q), delivers the perfect balance of earnest and lovable. Excellent support cast keep both the tension and the humour happily relentless - Sally Hawkins and Hugh Bonneville (Mrs and Mr Brown), Madeleine Harris (Judy Brown) and Samuel Joslin (Jonathan Brown) all returning as Paddington’s adopted family, along with their firm-but-fair problem solving housekeeper Mrs Bird (Julie Walters). Hugh Grant uses his comedic powers for good and does a jocular, dastardly turn as dashingly dressed multi-disguise villain, Phoenix Buchanan.

Paddington has carved himself a little bear sized niche in the neighbourhood, loved by all except the grumpy Mr Curry. After working long hours as he saves to buy an expensive birthday present to send to his beloved Aunt Lucy, Paddington happens upon a robbery in progress, finding himself mistakenly arrested as a thief. As the family frantically tries to clear his name, Paddington sets about turning his prison stay into another adventure, winning the protection of the fearsome cook, Knuckles McGinty (Brendan Gleeson) and the hearts of the hardened prisoners.

Paddington 2 is a full-blown charm assault, adapted from the Michael Bond books by actor/writer Simon Farnaby and Paul King (TV's The Mighty Boosh, returning as director after the first film). They have some seriously silly British comedy chops between them, so thankfully adults accompanying the kids can enjoy a genuine giggle. Visually spectacular, the sumptuous set designs by Gary Williamson and costumes by Lindy Hemming (in collaboration with tailor Timothy Everest on Hugh Grant’s marvellous suits), make it a joy to watch.

The Times (UK)


It might just be the quirkiest, most quintessentially British film phenomenon of the decade.

Little White Lies


Effortlessly great, immensely satisfying.

TimeOut (London)


A family adventure that's the right sort of heartwarming, delivering real human emotion through the medium of a small bear.

Screen International


Paddington 2 is as irresistible as the dessert trolley our hero pilots, and as sweet as the marmalade that perpetually clags his fur.

Empire (UK)


Paddington 2 should be prescribed as an antidote to anyone who finds the madness of the modern world a bit wearing. It's probably possible to not absolutely love it, but it's hard to see how.

Hollywood Reporter


Paddington 2 won't save the world, sadly, but it's existence makes everything just that tiny bit better and more, well, bearable.

Variety (USA)


Another near-pawfect family entertainment, honuoring the cozy, can-do spirit of Bond's stories while bringing them smoothly into a bustling, diverse 21st-century London - with space for some light anti-Brexit subtext to boot.

The Guardian (UK)


The film is pitched with insouciant ease and a lightness of touch at both children and adults without any self-conscious shifts in irony or tone: it's humour with the citrus tang of top-quality thick-cut marmalade. (Graeme Tuckett)


This film is a little ripper that put a smile on my face that – hours after the screening – is showing no signs of fading.

Bears a second viewing.

At last. A kid's film that's worth watching. Beautiful to look at, well acted and great storytelling. Enough said.


So enjoyed this movie, loved it more than my granddaughter.