Palm Beach

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Some friendships last a lifetime, some secrets don't.

A group of lifelong friends reunite in idyllic Palm Beach, Sydney, in this Australian drama directed by Rachel Ward. Stars Bryan Brown, Sam Neill, Greta Scacchi and Richard E. Grant.

Reunited to celebrate a special birthday, the good times are set to roll. But tensions mount as secrets are slowly unearthed.


Directed by

Comedy, Drama


Rating: M Offensive language


Hollywood Reporter


What makes the whole thing work is Ward's facility with performers, and the wrinkles that are threaded into plot points we've seen a million times before.

Sydney Morning Herald


A less likeable group of actors could easily have been upstaged by the conspicuous perfection of the setting and the d├ęcor. This bunch hold their own, but a sharper script would have made them shine even brighter.

The Guardian


There's nothing conceptually wrong with dramas about affluence or affluent people of course, but boy does it take a while to feel even vaguely sympathetic to the troubles confronting Ward's characters.

Screen International


Palm Beach works best an ensemble showcase filled with ample talent making the most of their requisite lively and serious moments, as directed by a filmmaker with an attentive and generous eye.

Variety (USA)


This isn't so much a movie as a Venn diagram of working talent, cashing in their chips to have a good time together creating accessible entertainment. (Graeme Tuckett)


Palm Beach is an inoffensive diversion at worst.