Patrick (2018)

Patrick (2018)

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A woman reluctantly inherits her grandmother's spoiled pug in this British family comedy from the director Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.

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Comedy, Kids & Family



Screen International


Patrick is like having your face licked a little too eagerly by a clumsy puppy; many will like the sensation and even those who don't will politely long for it to end.

The Guardian


It's a film jam-packed with very good actors and big names, and suffused with a puppyish willingness to please. But where is the bite?

The Telegraph (UK)


The film struggles to congeal, falling back on laboured gags set up with mechanical lack-of-ease.

The Times (UK)


There is no actual story, and no hint at psychological realism. Just a jaded sense that viewers will watch any old rubbish with a comedy dog, and a belated attempt at third-act drama.