Pet Sematary (2019), reviewed byKennethP91

Embraced new changes but still mediocre at best

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Pet Sematary (2019)isnow playing in cinemas.

Pet Sematary is a remake of the 1989 movie based on a novel by Stephen King.

This movie stars Jason Clarke, John Lithgow also featuring Jeté Laurence. It's directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer.

With the new influx of remakes and reboots, Pet Sematary is the latest to join the fray. Much like IT (2017), Pet Sematary delivers some heart-pounding jump scares within unsettling environments. Their major changes worked within the movie's favor with Ellie dying from a truck crash instead of Gage and becoming a murderous zombie. It delivers some funny situations whether unintentional or not but it works as it's still unsettling and definitely creepy.

Unfortunately the movie lags tremendously in the first and second acts and though they still have some creepy visuals it makes you wish the movie would just get on to the good parts.

Overall this adaptation is on point with the novel yet still manages to bring something different to the story. However the lagging first and second acts and with some repeated sequences it drags it down to something that's mediocre.