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The Hong Kong Police are at war against a group of clever currency counterfeiters in this HK-Chinese actioner starring Chow Yun-Fat and Aaron Kwok (After This Our Exile).


Directed by

  • Felix Chong('Overheard', 'Overheard 2', 'The Lost Bladesman')

Action, Crime, World Cinema


Rating: R16 Violence

Mandarin and Cantonese with English subtitles

Hong Kong, China

Hollywood Reporter


Chong's plot-heavy script has its share of pleasures, chiefly the opportunity for Chow to be more charmingly badass and threatening than he's been in a long time (and clearly loving it).

South China Morning Post


For all the incredulity its storytelling induces, the film affords screen legend Chow [Yun-fat] the most intriguing part he has played in years.

The New Paper (Singapore)


Perfect for those looking for something that packs visual punch with action sequences, and a plot that does not require much mulling over.

The Straights Times (Singapore)


Chong goes it alone here and double-hats as writer and director. But perhaps he has overstretched himself.