Puss In Boots

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Puss, the boots-wearing, swashbuckling cat from the animated Shrek franchise, gets his own spin-off movie, detailing his adventures before he met up with the grumpy green ogre in Shrek 2

Antonio Banderas, returning to voice the titular character, is joined by Salma Hayek who is voicing Kitty Softpaws, the love interest of Puss. Together, with sidekick Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis), they go up against Jack and Jill (Billy Bob Thornton and Amy Sedaris), two murderous outlaws in possession of powerful, magical beans.


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Dreamworks Animation

Adventure, Animated, Comedy, Kids & Family


Rating: PG Low level violence


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A Shrek spin-off film was inevitable but, after the last couple of lacklustre outings, its potential quality was up for debate. Luckily, Puss in Boots is more of the flick many envisioned after seeing Shrek 2 than the unfunny mess of Shrek the Third.

As an origin story, the film does the bare minimum of what’s expected (even acknowledging the dullness of the tired ‘flashback sequence’). However, its blend of various fairy tales, nursery rhymes and pop-culture references (predominantly LOLcats), remains as organic as it did in the first two Shrek films.

Plenty of jokes hit well, with one particularly genius on-going gag that had me straining facial muscles. In typical Dreamworks fashion, they’ve spliced in a couple of dance numbers that will either cause your face to smile or briefly implode.

New entrant Humpty Alexander Dumpty is voiced by a surprisingly subdued Zach Galifianakis while Banderas and Hayek give the odd nudge-nudge wink-wink at older audience members clued up on the duo’s history (the filmmakers were two scenes away from animating a machine gun guitar case).

Visually, the film’s an absolute splendour, showcasing Dreamworks’ bold attention to detail and a masterful knowledge for the 3D medium that no-one else can seem to grasp. You may not leave the theatre remembering much of the plot but you’ll definitely recall stroking that fur you thought was in front of you.

A.V. Club (USA)


As a sheer visual experience, Puss In Boots makes a great theme-park ride, a thrill-a-minute feast for the eyes and the semicircular canals

Empire (UK)


Like most kittens, it's not always perfectly behaved, but at least this new Puss adventure doesn't have you reaching for the cinematic spray bottle. And thank goodness the spin-off does nothing to neuter the charismatic cat's appeal.

Entertainment Weekly (USA)


Beautifully animated (with 3-D that adds nothing), but the film is so mindlessly busy that it seems to be trying to distract you from the likable, one-note feline swashbuckler at its center.

Hollywood Reporter


A perfectly diverting romp that happens to showcase some of the best 3D work yet from a mainstream animated feature.

Los Angeles Times


A family film where the adventure and invention never flag and the tongue-in-cheek humor doesn't linger far behind.

New York Times


A cheerfully chaotic jumble of fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters parachuted into a Spanish storybook setting.

Total Film (UK)


Director Chris Miller goes some way to atone for franchise low-point Shrek The Third. Still, the use of 3D is the only game-raising.

USA Today


With his impeccable comic timing and lyrical Spanish accent, Banderas' swashbuckling charmer is an undeniable treat.

Variety (USA)


An epic quest that somehow manages to thrill without ever taking itself seriously, at least for the first hour or so.

Uninspired and annoyed.

Puss was an entertaining character in Shrek 2 but fails to convince as a leading character on its own, the story is trite and meaningless, the hero's journey is a lame duck and Humpty Dumpty what the bloody hell is this?

Cute boots

Finally got round to watching this movie due to all the favourable comments. While the movie doesn't have a strong story line, the details and background are great.

The cats are brilliant. The kitty dance off, the cutest. Lots of in-jokes and kitty jokes for the adults that would be wasted on ankle biters. Definitely worth a watch for the glorious graphics. I didn't even watch it in 3D.

Unexpectedly disappointed by this film

Having heard other people comment favourably about this film, I went to see it in the 2D version. I expected to really enjoy it as I loved the Shrek movies (especially 1 & 2), but I came out of 'Puss in Boots' disappointed. Sure the animation was great and the relationship between Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws led to some laughs. However, I think what this film lacked and what I was most disappointed by was a decent story line. It was very weak and hard to follow. I also thought the 'evil people' were pretty ridiculous.

Puss in your boots (not mine)

Puss in Boots

Of course its marketed towards the children, so imagine 'Zoro', in cat form, with a checkered past... ha ha. No really, its good but of course its all about Antonio Banderas, even his ascent as Puss is awesome. Salma Hayek's kitten charater is pretty cool, you'l understand when you watch it. Good little innuendoes throughout and enjoyed the pace, shame the story seemed a out of place with all the old bedtime stories. If you can get past that, even as an adult, you'l at lest find it bearable. Great to take the kids to tho :-)

Genre : comedy, family, children, animated

3/5 : Its ok, but they need to stop and move on with another animated film