Reign Over Me

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Adam Sandler plays Charlie Fineman, in this dramedy, a man who loses his wife and three daughters (and also the family dog) in the September 11 attacks. When Charlie, darkly despondent, runs into an old university roommate (Don Cheadle), he begins to find a way out of his grief. After 'United 93' and 'World Trade Center', we might call this the first 9/11 therapy movie. Bring tissues.


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Comedy, Drama


Rating: M


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Los Angeles Times


Movies about male friendship are often trivialized with the "buddy" tag, but this one resonates beyond that...

Premiere Magazine [USA]


A thoughtful, involving and sometimes moving film that almost (and I do mean almost) justifies its use of 9/11 as a dramatic device...

Rolling Stone [USA]


1/2 Veering between sentimentality and exploitation with a few misguided stops at raunchy sex farce, Reign Over Me never finds a tone to suit its purpose...

The Hollywood Reporter


It doesn't exploit our emotions about Sept. 11; it simply tells a story that exists because of what happened that day -- one that should resonate with a wide, appreciative audience...

The New York Times


Reign Over Me uses the rhythms and moods of comedy to explore, and also to contain, overpowering feelings of loss, anger and hurt. And like that earlier movie ("The Upside of Anger"), this one is maddeningly uneven...