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When Egyptian born terrorism suspect, Anwar El-Ibrahimi (Metwalley) disappears on a flight from South Africa to Washington DC, his American wife, Isabella (Witherspoon) travels to Washington to try and learn the reason for his disappearance.

Meanwhile, at a secret detention facility somewhere outside the US, CIA analyst Douglas Freeman (Gyllenhaal) is forced to question his assignment, an attempt to "save thousands", as he becomes a party to the unorthodox interrogation of El-Ibrahimi.

a little slow, but satisfying


a little slow, but satisfying

alot of people may find this flick plain out boring, but then again, it's not your typical action packed movie. this was drama hard-core, so dont expect to see any guns a-blazin or hanging on your seat for a suspense ride. not gona happen! the story has a slow pace to it. it kinda branches out into different arcs, each with their own timeline, and in some ways it reminded me of the babel flick, where they tell the story from the end rather than the start. personally, i find those plot-devices a little silly. they're too confusing and take the whole movie out of context. anway, the arcs complie back together settling the confusion once and for all addin a nice twist to the storyline. so yeh this movie wasn't too bad at all, 7/10 from me. GO-C-IT!


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