Salaam-e-Ishq: A Tribute To Love

Salaam-e-Ishq: A Tribute To Love

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Based on the Brit comedy 'Love Actually'. "The story of 6 groups of people. From different parts of the world. From different walks of life. Ignorant about each other's existence, but who end up being brought together by destiny, fate and love." [ARTICLE]


The movie weaves a number of love stories together thanks to the relationships of the people within it. Kkamini wakes up to another scandal in the morning newspapers. The most sought after item girl in Bollywood cannot help, but get involved with all sorts of problems with the media. Problems that she attributes as the cause for not landing up with coveted heroine roles. The roles that she came to the big bad world of Bollywood for...

Not to be missed!!

This movie has been said to be based upon 'Love Actually' but apart from the fact that it covers 6 different couples and the similarity of Anil Kapoor's character with that of Alan Rickman .. there is little in common between the two films.

A bollywood multi-starrer which actually IS good ..for a change :)

The music is nice and hummable and the comedy is light and refreshing.

A must watch for bolly fans if they don't mind the length of the film.