Sami Blood

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Venice award-winning drama about a reindeer-herding Sámi girl who severs ties with her family and her culture.

"Elle Marja is a 14-year-old girl growing up in 1930s Sweden at a time when the indigenous Sámi people were highly discriminated against. Elle is bright and ambitious, but finds herself stymied. When she is humiliated at her school and forced to endure race biology examinations, she becomes determined to build a new life for herself. To do so, she will have to take on a new identity, one that distances herself from her community and her culture." (Sydney Film Festival)



Winner of the Fedeora Award for Best Director of a Debut Film (Venice Days) and the Label Europa Cinemas (Kernell), 2016 Venice Film Festival

Directed by

Written by


Rating: M Violence, sexual references & offensive language

Swedish and Saami with English subtitles

Sweden, Norway, Denmark

Hollywood Reporter


Though there’s not a single narrative surprise in this attractively assembled coming-of-age story, this should appeal to family audiences in the Nordic countries as well as festivals with a more mainstream sensibility.

New York Times


While "Sami Blood" can sometimes seem didactic, Ms. Kernell, who has Sami heritage, richly conveys a sense of the time and place, with elegant shots that glide through the Nordic wilderness.

Variety (USA)


Swedish helmer Amanda Kernell makes a stirring debut with a coming-of-age tale that pointedly addresses a bygone era of Scandi colonialism.

Village Voice (New York)


Sparrock's performance is courageous and compelling. Quiet and observant despite that rage and will, Elle-Marja learns from each slight and wound she endures.