Seventh Son

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In the face of evil, claim your destiny.

Fantasy film following a mystical knight (Jeff Bridges) and his 14-year-old apprentice (Ben Barnes) as they prepare to battle the malevolently powerful witch Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore). Based on the first book in the Wardstone Chronicles series of young adult novels by Joseph Delaney.

In an ancient time, an evil is about to be unleashed that will reignite the war between the forces of the supernatural and humankind. Master Gregory (Bridges) imprisoned Mother Malkin centuries earlier, now she has escaped and is seeking vengeance. Summoning followers of every incarnation, the witch is preparing to unleash her terrible wrath on an unsuspecting world. Gregory, about to come face to face with the evil he feared would return, trains his new apprentice to fight the dark magic.


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Adventure, Fantasy, Blockbuster


Rating: M Violence and offensive language


Watching Seventh Son is a bit like reading instructions that have been translated into English by someone who doesn’t actually speak the language. Sadly the creative team behind this star-studded effort just don’t speak fantasy.

Sure, Seventh Son has all the requisite parts: witch hunters, witches, a naive apprentice, dragons, simple townsfolk and, err, guys with axes for arms. And it puts them together in the right order. But somehow it never quite comes together and just leaves us with an unpleasing mess that you can’t help think would be more use if we scrapped it for parts.

Ben Barnes plays Tom Ward, the seventh son of a seventh son – which like many aspects of this film is a concept borrowed from magical lore that is misused and ill-explored. He’s apprenticed to Jeff Bridges’ witch hunter Master Gregory, who we know is deep, complex and capable of profound actions because he puts on a funny voice.

Together they must defeat uber-witch Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore), who is gathering all of the magical beings of the land together to destroy everything, essentially because she is pissed at her ex-boyfriend. Heaven forbid we let a powerful woman have a motivation that was based outside her ovaries.

A series of notionally cavalier confrontations between witches and witch-hunters ensue, escalating in size until the inevitable big battle, yet our interest in the outcome declines in inverse proportion.

Unfortunately there is no actual magic in this magical tale and this flat pack film-by-numbers is just that: flat.

Variety (USA)


Amounts to nothing short of a creative miscarriage.

Hollywood Reporter


Certainly watchable but far from memorable...

Dissolve (USA)


Overstuffed, but swift and unpretentious...

AV Club (USA)


Brisk and unpretentious, though the fact that these two qualities can be considered remarkable probably says more about the state of modern genre filmmaking than it does about the movie itself.

Entertainment Weekly


Ends up being a movie about walking, interrupted occasionally by a battle against a mythological monster.

Los Angeles Times


I know it's early, but "Seventh Son" may actually be the worst movie of the year. It will most certainly be a contender.

Seven Deadly Sins

No story to speak of, random characters with no explanation popping up, phone in performances, plot holes a plenty, dodgy CGI, killing off top actors in the first set piece, and an inaudible Jeff Bridges. Seven very deadly sins indeed.

Yeah we know you win Oscars...

Two Oscar winners are so bold to take this trash to big screen

No magic

Witches who can't do magic..really the only magic seen by these witches were to morph into animals and 'mother witch' who turned a dingy castle into a palace and restored her sisters face. Other than that the fight scenes were with swords.

A bit more hocus pocus was needed big time to make this film work. Sadly you are better off watching reruns of Bewitched.

A hero that would swig from a bottle of some alcoholic beverage and frequent pubs was not my idea of a hero. Again no magic - even for a so called spook...the Sean Connery type accent was a bit off putting. It felt like a movie that was created for the Rialto Channel and dubbed in English - but alas it was all English...shocking.

Spend some magic with your loved one as there is no magic here.

8th or 9th Son

Seventh Son

The effects I thought were going to sell this, like ‘300’ or ‘Immortals’, but unfortunately I was disappointed. My friend that came with me said how it’s a book based movie, however they have amalgamated 4 of the book series into one film. This miss-mash creates barely any character references for later in the film and apparently so confusing for the book lovers as there no chance of a sequel. Shame, as it had such a great theme and book series. Reminded me of ‘Dragon Heart’ and ‘Outcast’ (2011).

Genre : History, fantasy, action, adventure

2/5 : I do like Jeff Bridges as well, so it saddened me to see this film fall low of expectations. Boy really looks like David Tennant.


As I count down the days till Avengers: Age of Ultron I have been appeasing my insatiable appetite for films with whatever I can, hence my visit to see The Seventh Son.

I regret to say that I did not feel appeased, in fact after, watching it I felt malnourished and a little cheated. I struggled to understand how it was that this film was able to be shown and a film like John Wick was not!

I found this film boring and bland. It feels like it was made up as it went a long and though I really do like to find at least something positive about every film I see I really was strained to find any redeeming qualities it offered. What bothered me the most was seeing Jeff Bridges further decline in to a certain career dissolving film, who was resigned to speak like an idiot while trying to appear as a credible "Gandolf" or "Obiwan" type character.

Well I just took a stab in the dark to see this film and it stabbed me back, but hey, I did the same with Whiplash and was pleasantly rewarded. I know I haven't really commented on the "plot" and I am sure it had one somewhere but if I had to describe this film I would say it was a "Frankenstein's Monster" composed of the worst parts of several average fantasy films.

Hmm, something positive?... It might work as one of those corny Disney channel fantasy TV series.