Shadows and Fog

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Black-and-white comedy film written and directed by and starring Woody Allen, based on his one-act play Death. Co-stars Allen's go-to leading lady, Mia Farrow.

A serial strangler is on the loose, and a mob of neighbourhood vigilantes is on the hunt. When several neighbours wake up the skittish bookkeeper Max Kleinman (Allen), they want him to get dressed and join the search party. Finally pulling himself together, Kleinman goes downstairs to find no one waiting for him. Left to investigate alone, he winds up in one predicament after another, which eventually leads him to meet Irmy (Farrow), a sword swallower from the visiting circus.


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Rating: PG Sexual references


Washington Post


It's the equivalent of a modest sketch that catches your eye for a moment, then fades from memory the moment you've passed it by.

Rolling Stone (USA)


This is familiar Allen territory.

New York Times


Operates on its own wavelength. It is different. It should not be anticipated in the manner of other Allen films.