Skin (2018)

Coming to Cinemas  2019

Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) is a former skinhead in this true story redemption drama from Oscar-winning filmmaker Guy Nattiv (Strangers).

"Israeli director Guy Nattiv brings together an outstanding cast to tell, in oppressively authentic images, the true story of Bryon Widner (Bell) who broke out of the scene and whose change of heart found a physical expression: in an extremely painful procedure, Widner spent months having most of his tattoos removed." (Berlin International Film Festival)


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Drama, True Story & Biography, Festival & Independent


USA, Brazil

Hollywood Reporter


The performances across the board are outstanding, with Bell first among equals... (Tomris Laffly)


Skin leaves a lasting impression as it peels off a shameful past.

Screen International


A powerful, if sensationalist, drama with a fierce central performance from Jamie Bell.

Variety (USA)


It's a narrow treatment of a now pressingly relevant subject, but one that still rewards as a powerful, well-acted tale of personal redemption.