Snakes On A Plane

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With its crosshairs set on cult film status, the brilliantly titled Snakes On A Plane actually added scenes to get an R rating. Director Ellis: "We increased the violence and the gore. There's more nudity, more radical language from Samuel L" (Empire).

Interesting anecdote 2: Samuel L. Jackson apparently read in the trade papers that the film was in pre-production. He rang the filmmakers and asked if the title was a euphemism. No was the answer, just snakes on a plane. Samuel L. said "sign this motherf**ker up."

FBI agent Flynn (Jackson) is escorting an eye witness of a murder to LA on a passenger plane (for safety reasons, obviously). But protectors of the murderer have unleashed a devilish plan. First they gave passengers leis sprayed with a pheromone designed to make snakes go berserk. Then a crate carrying masses of snakes is snuck aboard and opened mid-flight. Hence we have snakes on a plane, going for where the pheromone is: the passengers.


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Action, Horror, Thriller


Rating: R13 contains offensive language & drug use


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The film displays a single-minded love of exploitative trash, and you're rarely more than a minute away from a grisly death, a noisy scare, or a gratuitous breast shot. Roll on Spiders In A Hovercraft...

Empire Magazine [UK]


Okay, but not as likeable as, say, Piranha, Tremors, Slither, Anaconda, Eight-Legged Freaks or the 1973 TV movie Horror at 37,000 Feet... [USA]


There are two things you need to know about “Snakes on a Plane” that I’m going to share with you now: 1. It has the potential to supplant “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” as the greatest audience participation movie of all time. 2. It is, simultaneously, one of the worst and best movies I’ve ever seen...

Hollywood Reporter


This is a coolly efficient, tongue-in-cheek horror-comedy about poisonous snakes on a rampage at 30,000 feet. The snakes sink their fangs into a tongue, eye, penis, breast and ass. A boa even tries to swallow a man. A very large man. You'll never complain about those in-flight meals again. Things could be so much worse...

New York Times


As it happens, “Snakes on a Plane” isn’t just about rubber reptiles and Mr. Jackson spewing pearls of profanity; it’s also a solid, B-movie-style entertainment crammed with “Boos!” and lightly scented with a whiff of social metaphor... What they give us is the chance to win, not with righteous morality, but with an old-fashioned swagger that says, much like the film itself, Hey, we may be stupid, but we rock...

Premiere [USA]


1/2 Why is this movie so watchable? Four simple reasons. It's truly funny. It's truly scary. It's truly gruesome. And Samuel L. Jackson is the cool head who prevails (“You stick with me, you live”)...

Rolling Stone [USA]


1/2 And so after all the Internet hype about those motherfckin' snakes on that motherfukin' plane, the flick itself is a murky stew of shock effects repeated so often that the suspense quickly droops along with you eyelids. It's not so bad that it's good. It's so bland that it's boring. Not even worth a hissss...



Snakes on a plane

How could you put that movie on the movies

Fun with an audience & Best Line

The film was a lot of fun & the audience reaction was suprising, it made the experience enjoyable. In fact, if i'd seen it on DVD I would've hated it. It's the audience participation aspect that was fun.

Best Line: I have to say the simplistic, direct and when isolated, ultimately ridiculous:

"We have got to put up a barricade to protect ourselves from the snakes"

is a winner.

It's got audience participation, it's great fun.

What annoys me, as a side note, are the press reviews that are liking it. Ordinarily they'd hate a film of this ilk - happily B-Grade, exploitation, cheesy dialogue etc - but because of the film's publicity & the excitement of the public they jump on the bandwagon & praise it.

The film - it's awesome. The crowd I saw it with (a preview screening) was amped and they were half of the fun. After a great scene (eg: snakes bites nipple), a cheer went up. After Samuel L. Jackson says "That is it! I've had it with these motherf***king snakes!", a cheer went up.

It's got audience participation, it's great fun. I've never had a crowd (or experience) like that in a NZ cinema. I bet they'll be a heap of films copying it's B-Grade stylings coming out from the studios soon.