Special Correspondents

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Golden Globes roaster Ricky Gervais writes, directs and co-stars with Eric Bana in this Netflix comedy as a pair of phony war time journalists whose fake reports land them in hot water. When one particular "scoop" grabs every American's attention, the two are forced to leave the country in order to make the story authentic.

Herald Sun (Australia)


If Special Correspondents has one prominent problem - aside from running out of gas before the finish line - it is that no one player in the cast is prepared to step up and dominate when needed.

Little White Lies (UK)


Dubious, unfunny, protracted wish-fulfilment. Quite, quite awful.

Los Angeles Times


If it's actually disappointing, rather than merely just OK, it's that one (still) expects more from the co-creator of The Office.

New York Times


There's nothing wrong with the type of movie "Special Correspondents" wants to be. The problem is that Mr. Gervais doesn't appear capable of making a good version of it.

Guardian (UK)


Could have been played by anyone, written by anyone; it's not a very interesting vehicle for the distinctive one-off talent that is Gervais.

Variety (USA)


Gervais' script mistakenly assumes that its ever-more-troublesome plot twists are alone enough to prop up the proceedings. With each new development, though, the film becomes slightly creakier ...

Hollywood Reporter


Netflix's ill-conceived satire marks a career low for writer-director-star Ricky Gervais.