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Daniel Craig and Skyfall director Sam Mendes return to Bond for this instalment, the 24th 007 film, that looks to uncover the sinister SPECTRE organisation. Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained) plays Bond's nemesis Oberhauser. Co-stars Monica Bellucci (The Matrix: Reloaded), Léa Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Colour), Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), Ralph Fiennes as M, and Ben Whishaw as Q.

Returning to London after an off-the-books escapade in Mexico, Bond finds the UK's intelligence services in a shakeup. As a new bureaucrat (Sherlock's Andrew Scott) makes a power grab based on a global surveillance network, 007 gets back to his personal mission to find out more about the mysterious SPECTRE. Teaming up with the daughter of one of his previous victims, Bond's journey will take him to far-flung locations and back into his past once again, as the events of the previous Daniel Craig films take on a new dimension.



Best Original Song ('Writing's on the Wall') at the 2016 Academy Awards and Golden Globes

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Action, Thriller, Blockbuster


Rating: M Violence


Within minutes, latest 007 outing Spectre had put a grin on my face, thanks to an energetic, aerially acrobatic opening sequence in Mexico City. Few would expect that facial expression to remain for all 148 minutes of Spectre’s overlong running time, and that turned out to be exactly the case.

A mixed bag of Bond, Spectre pursues the critical and commercial glories of previous outing Skyfall, coming up short by comparison. Not only is it a more uneven film, but in returning once more to Bond’s past, Spectre retcons the Craig films to date in disappointing fashion. Desperately seeking personal motives for villainy when simple megalomania would suffice is plain unnecessary, and ditto for retrospectively changing elements of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Even if these narrative manoeuvres were to have been done well, they wouldn’t be needed - what’s wrong with a man just being sent on a mission?

One result of this is that ever-watchable Christoph Waltz is dealt a bit of a bum hand as the film’s big bad. He certainly gets to cutely quip with Bond during the last hour, but is robbed of being captivating by the ridiculous character motivation Spectre provides him with. Even 007 himself seems completely unfazed by its eventual reveal.

As you’d expect, the film’s beautifully shot and features some bravura action sequences. Spectre creaks under the weight of its unwieldiness, though, with extended flat periods, and the sense of deja vu pervading its weaker moments. New Bond girls Monica Bellucci and Léa Seydoux do well with what they’re given, though that turns out to be spectacularly short screen time as a target of seduction and making a good fist of rounding out a two-dimensional character respectively.

And Craig? Well, he’s awesome, as with the films prior. It’s not his best turn as 007, but it’s not his worst either.

Times (UK)


This fourth outing for Daniel Craig as James Bond is achingly cool, as sleek and powerful as the silver Aston Martin DB10 that races through the movie.

Guardian (UK)


A terrifically exciting, spectacular, almost operatically delirious 007 adventure.

Time Out London


An unbalanced but never less than entertaining film...

Independent (UK)


As an action movie, Spectre is every bit the equal of its predecessor, Skyfall. For at least half its running time, this is as good as Bond gets -- a rip-roaring and very stylishly made thriller with tremendous production values.

Empire (UK)


Even if this is less satisfying overall than Skyfall, there are sequences that rank with Bond's best.

Total Film (UK)


A rock-solid Bond flick that would have been hailed an immediate winner if it weren't for the fact that it has to shudder and shake in the darkness of the enormous shadow cast by its predecessor.

Little White Lies (UK)


In many ways Spectre is the purest Bond experience of the Craig era.

Hollywood Reporter


In pure action adventure terms, Spectre delivers the goods, with plenty of revved-up supercar porn and several kinetic high-speed chase sequences on road, river and snowy mountain slope.

Variety (USA)


A wealth of iconography - both incidental and integral - from the series' founding chapters is revived here, making [it] a particular treat for 007 nerds, and a businesslike blast for everyone else.


James Bond movies are always good!!

Bond falls from form

Alliteration aside going into this movie I was very excited, the trailer looked great and after possibly the best James Bond film in Skyfall I had high expectations.

The first thing I noticed was the Daniel Craig seemed to be phoning it in. The second thing I noticed was that Waltz's character was under used and when ever he was on screen he stole the show. He was great although the how they connected this film to the others was a little silly and I didn't buy into that.

It was a bit of a mess as well, badly paced and directed. It had glimpses of a good movie in there and perhaps Sam Mendes was just over doing Bond movies.

All is not lost for the Bond films going forward and I look forward to the next Bond, hoping for Idris Elba which would be a great leap for diversity although Tom Hiddleston would be good as well. There I go again, going off topic.

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Hubby & I saw this on the plane heading back from Rarotonga and Loved it, All Action.

So we brought ourselves a Blu Ray Copy!! So much better than the last Bond

What happened???

I went in expecting the "old school Bond" that other reviewers had promised. What I got was rather disappointing. And pretty boring for a Bond film. You expect gadgets and girls and action and this was not so much. I didn't feel invested in any of the characters and Bond never really felt in any danger. It was just another forgettable action movie, which is not what a Bond film should be.

Surprisingly good!

After all the bad reviews I expected to be disappointed but instead I was pleasantly surprised. Much better than the last Bond which had come too far into our modern world. This Bond harked back to the good old days when killing for mother England was all a bit of a lark. Sam Mendes paid homage in many ways and I found the storyline simple and entertaining. If we could only get Dan Craig out of those skintight suits and into a nicely tailored 60's cut again I would be well pleased.

Go go away

This film should never be produced. I can't believe its director has won Oscars for American Beauty. :(

Classic Bond

It's back to the old school for Mr. Bond, much to my delight. A brilliant opening scene in Mexico with an epic helicopter battle to kick things off followed by brilliant Bond one liners, sweet action, and two classically beautiful Bond girls. A few lulls restrain me from locking in the maximum for this one but it wasn't far off. To be fair, after Skyfall, pretty much anything was going to be a little behind. I do feel that Christoph Waltz deserved more screen time being such a wonderful villain. Nice work to Sam Mendes, his style of direction does suit the current incarnation of James Bond. Daniel Craig is ever so quietly catching up to Sean Connery as my No. 1 Bond.

Barely a 2 star

The first 20 mins in a Mexican festival were stunning but it went downhill FAST after that and DRAGGED on for a torturous 2 hours ! I love Daniel Craig but even he couldnt save this boring muddled plot, with a romantic interest / female partner whose acting was flat as a pancake and had ZERO chemistry with Bond. Such a disppointment. My advise... Dont Do it...You'll regret it


It's far from perfect, but Spectre is a thrilling, action-packed spectacle, and one of the best blockbuster movies of this year. Fantastically shot and directed by Sam Mendes and DP Hoyte Van Hoytema (Interstellar, Her). Daniel Craig is great as James Bond. French actress Lea Seydoux is very beautiful and talented. Dave Bautista eye-gouges people and breaks their necks, and it's f**king brutal.

I don't like Sam Smith's theme, Writings on the Wall or the opening title sequence. Huge plot holes in the script, and not enough character development. Christoph Waltz can play a great villain, but there wasn't much to his character. And James Bond gets a bit rapey with Monica Bellucci in one scene. For all its flaws, I had great time watching Spectre. Grade: A-

007 Is Back

Spectre is a very good 007 film that further proves that Daniel Craig was born to play the role. I personally loved Casino Royale and Skyfall, so I was excited once again to see where they would take the character next. While it doesn't quite live up to those two fantastic films, Spectre is still a good movie and definitely worth a watch.