Storm Boy (2019)

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Geoffrey Rush and Jai Courtenay star in this family drama based on the children's book about an Australian boy who raises three orphaned pelicans. When he forms a close bond with them, he finds himself at odds with his fisherman father and his life takes a new and unexpected turn.


Directed by

  • Shawn Seet('Two Fists, One Heart', TV's 'The Code', TV's Underbelly')

Written by

  • Justin Monjo
  • (based on the novella of the same name by Colin Thiele)



Rating: PG Coarse language


The Guardian


Not even a beloved pelican can save this epic downer.

Screen International


Storm Boy’s lengthy flashbacks never feel like a straightforward rehash of the initial film, which has long been an Australian primary school mainstay.


There is something elemental about Storm Boy — but there’s probably just not enough story to stretch the running time. It’s more like a series of vignettes that soar but bundled together feels flat.

Variety (USA)


Handsomely filmed in earthy tones by DP Bruce Young, and never once looking like a tourism promo reel, “Storm Boy” is crafted with care and class. (James Croot)


Storm Boy fails to fly because it's saddled with too many ideas, agendas and narratives.

Adelaide Review


You have to wonder what Thiele (who died in 2006) would have thought about this softened overhaul, which mostly serves to make the original film feel like even more of what has been called an 'iconic classic.'