Straight Time

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Please God, don't let him get caught.

Dustin Hoffman is paroled criminal Max (Dustin Hoffman) attempting to go straight, get a job and live by the rules. But he finds himself on the wrong side of a cruel parole officer (M. Emmet Walsh) and back in trouble with the law.

The New York Times: "'Max,' says the parole officer, 'I think you have a serious attitude problem.' Just how serious is the dramatic substance of Straight Time, the grimly witty account of the decline of Max Dembo."


Directed by

  • Ulu Grosbard('The Deep End of the Ocean', 'Falling in Love')

Written by



Rating: M Violence, offensive language and sex scenes


Time Out London


Not for a moment are you allowed to suspect that hoodlums might be smart or attractive, or that crime pays.

Variety (USA)


A most unlikeable film because Dustin Hoffman, starring as a paroled and longtime criminal, cannot overcome the essentially distasteful and increasingly unsympathetic elements in the character.

New York Times


Beautifully acted by everyone, but especially by Mr. Hoffman, Mr. Walsh, Mr. Stanton and Gary Busey... not a movie to raise the spirits. It is so cool it would leave a chill were it not done with such precision and control that we remain fascinated by a rat, in spite of ourselves.