Studio 54: The Documentary

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Award-winning documentarian Matt Tyrnauer (Citizen Jane: Battle for the City) tells the story of the nightclub that was the epicentre of '70s hedonism.

"With rare footage, a parade of colourful patrons and staff, and brutally honest interviews with [owner Ian] Schrager himself, Studio 54 is a riveting study in contradictions. Inside the palatial theatre-turned-disco, the crowd reveled in an atmosphere of total acceptance, whether drag queen, octogenarian, waiter, or celebrity. Yet outside, a frenzied, excluded mob yearned to be noticed by the doorman and ushered into the sanctum of pulsating love. Schrager and Rubell’s glittering creation sprang from carefree naïveté and unbridled ambition — yet those same instincts managed to destroy it. This bracing story reveals how even the most culturally potent and transformative phenomena can be vulnerable and fleeting." (Sundance Film Festival)


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Empire (UK)


A fascinating documentary that captures all the glamour and grubbiness of the 20th century's most famous nightclub. All the thrill of being there with none of the hangover.

Hollywood Reporter


An enjoyable ride that captures both the excitement of the party and the shameful details of its aftermath.

Little White Lies


Studio 54 is an opulent and balanced tribute to '70s pop culture.

Los Angeles Times


The film greatly benefits from having the more introverted Schrager still around to provide firsthand insight, with the luxury of 40 years of reflective perspective, into the inner workings of his and Rubell's legendary creation.

New York Times


The movie is a fast account that is sometimes a tad facile in its analysis of a cultural moment. But as Mr. Schrager's personal too-much-too-soon story, it's compelling.

The Guardian


An entertaining documentary. Maybe the full story of Studio 54 has yet to be told.

Variety (USA)


For those of us who never went (and probably couldn't have gotten in if we tried), "Studio 54" lets you taste a bit of the ecstasy.