Summer Hours (L'heure d'été)

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This lyrical, Chekhovian drama brings three adult siblings together to settle the estate of their late mother (the magisterial Edith Scob). Gathering at the lovely house they must agree to keep or to sell, surrounded by the exquisite collection she herself inherited from the artist uncle she revered, they measure the weight of their mother’s wishes and each other’s. Also starring Juliette Binoche.


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Rating: M contains drug references

French with English subtitles


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Chicago Tribune


It all comes together as formidably detailed and easy-breathing craftsmanship.

Los Angeles Times


French films traditionally take France and its eternal appeal for granted. Summer Hours is the rare film that worries about that, worries about the future, and that proves to be invaluable.

New York Times


In spite of its modest scale, tactful manner and potentially dowdy subject matter, is packed nearly to bursting with rich meaning and deep implication.

Rolling Stone (USA)


Writer-director Olivier Assayas crafts a near perfect blend of humor and heartbreak, a lyrical masterwork that measures loss in terms practical and evanescent.

Variety (USA)


A family ensembler of utter simplicity, Oliver Assayas' Summer Hours is a salutory (and belated) reminder that, as with his earlier "Cold Water" and "Late August, Early September," some of this writer-director's best work comes in modest packages.

A gentle, touching tale.


A gentle, touching tale.

This is a really lovely little film. The central story of the relationships of the siblings after the loss of their mother, feels genuine and I felt for all of them. The performances are outstanding, very precise.