Swimming with Men

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Rob Brydon (The Trip) finds a surprising solution to his mid-life crisis—joining an all-male, middle-aged, amateur synchronised swimming team—in this British comedy. Based on a true story which was adapted into French comedy Sink or Swim, released within a year of this film. (Confusing, we know.)


Directed by

  • Oliver Parker('An Ideal Husband', 'Dorian Gray', 'Johnny English Reborn')

Written by



Rating: M Offensive language


Empire (UK)


Swimming With Men is let down by slight characterisation, by-the-numbers plotting and heavy-handed jokes that desperately need arm bands. A missed opportunity.

The Independent (UK)


It isn't as funny as we want it to be but Swimming With Men does eventually deliver the rousing finale that we always know it will.

The Times (UK)


Yes, synchronised swimming has finally got the comedy that nobody thought it needed.

Screen International


Once you get past the novelty of seeing a bunch of blokes flailing about in swimwear, the comedy seems a little thin (which is more than you can say for many of the cast).

The Guardian


This film floats, but, like a synchro-swimmer doing the "egg beater" leg movement, it needs a fair bit of strenuous activity to keep it upright.

The Telegraph (UK)


There's a throwback quality to Swimming with Men, an ensemble Britcom that's near-unthinkable without the success 20 years ago of The Full Monty.

Los Angeles Times


You don't need a pair of diving goggles to see where all this is going.

New York Times


Although the film has no grand cinematic ambitions, its unsensationalised focus on these aging bodies invites welcome kindness.

NZ Herald (Francesca Rudkin)


While predictable and a bit flat, it's still an underdog sporting flick, which is the very best kind, so while hardly memorable Swimming with Men manages to be pleasant viewing.

Stuff.co.nz (James Croot)


Fun, but forgettable viewing.

Predictable, but quirky & charming

The basic plotline may be fairly predictable, but the journey is well worth taking. A motley crew of misfit characters and a generous sprinkling of humour make this film a heart-warming and fun watch.