Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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This time he's back... for good!

In James Cameron's ground-breaking sci-fi sequel, set in the near future in Los Angeles, the T-800 cyborg who once tried to kill Sarah Connor must now protect her teenager son, John Connor (Edward Furlong), from an even more powerful and advanced cyborg - the shape-shifting, metallic T-1000 (Robert Patrick).


Directed by

Action, Science Fiction, Thriller


Rating: M Violence and offensive language

USA, France

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


Nobody, I think, will complain that it doesn't have enough action.

Empire (UK)


It's less satisfying than the more idea-driven original, but this is still top-flight kick-ass entertainment.

Los Angeles Times


More elaborate than the original, but just as shrewdly put together, it cleverly combines the most successful elements of its predecessor with a number of new twists (would you believe a kinder, gentler Terminator?) to produce on e hell of a wild ride.

New York Times


Mr. Cameron has made a swift, exciting special-effects epic that thoroughly justifies its vast expense and greatly improves upon the first film's potent but rudimentary visual style.

Rolling Stone (USA)


It's Cameron's show; he's the reigning king of movie pow, with dark wit and a poet's eye for mayhem. T2 cost a reported $100 million, and you can actually see where the money went.

Variety (USA)


Arnold Schwarzenegger is more comfortable and assured here than the first time around, reprising a role so perfectly suited to the voice and physique that have established him as a larger-than-life film persona.

Sydney Morning Herald


It proves that crackingly fast entertainment doesn't have to be mindless, and it manages to do so, with an endearingly cheeky sense of humour.

The Guardian (UK)


Cameron has done an honourable and undoubtedly skilful job of tailoring his new film to the tastes of the times without too much sloppy compromise. He's made a science fiction film with verve, imagination and even a little wit.