The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy

The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy

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The shortest distance between friends isn't always a straight line.

Romantic comedy, coming-of-age story about a close-knit group of friends who share the emotional roller-coaster of relationships, the death of friends, new beginnings, jealousy, fatherhood and professional success.

Should be the #1 gay classic movie

This movie was brilliant and sassy. Love the use of the word 'Meanwhile', in this movie, which I have now adopted in my own personal life when I see a guy I like ;-) It's a little depressing how Timothy Olyphant's character is always so lonely, and I think that perhaps the directing could have given him some sort of hope in love, but do respect that not all things have a happy ending. Still, this is one of my most favourite gay movies - in my own opinion, much better than 'Shelter' - which most seem to deem as the #1 gay classic. Each to their own, I guess.