The Conjuring

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Based on the true case files of the Warrens.

From the director of Saw and Insidious comes this paranormal horror based on the true story of married demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga). Called upon to help a family terrorised by a dark presence in a secluded farmhouse, the Warrens confront a powerful entity and the most terrifying case of their lives.


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Horror, True Story & Biography


Rating: R16 Horror & content that may disturb


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Boy James Wan sure does have a thing for dolls. And it's a good thing, as some stuff with a doll is the only really interesting thing that happens in The Conjuring.

It's a well-crafted film to be sure, with a finely honed sense of its '70s setting, four reliably solid performers in the lead roles and child actors who can hold their own.

But it's just all so darn familiar – The Conjuring feels like someone chucked Poltergeist, Paranormal Activity, The Orphanage, Insidious (Wan's previous film) and especially The Amityville Horror into a blender, then added a bit with a doll. It's pretty much entirely constructed of pieces of other films, and not always good ones.

Wan knows how to construct tension, so if all you're looking for is a few solid jolts then The Conjuring will suffice, but he fails to bring anything original to the table – even the doll stuff is borrowed from his own Dead Silence (which is actually quite good).

The Conjuring is gathering good buzz ahead of its release, and less demanding fans of the horror genre should find much to enjoy. But while effectively-executed tension and an ominous tone are all well and good, horror films have to surprise on some level, and in this regard The Conjuring struggles.

An argument could be made that this film's point of difference is how it focuses on the real-life 'paranormal investigators' Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), but even their story feels punishingly familiar.

The Conjuring is not a bad film, it's just not a great one either.

Hollywood Reporter


The handsomely shot, expertly button-pushing scare-fest has the polish and the cast to draw older audiences who grew up on shockers built from performances rather than CGI.



A sensationally entertaining old-school freakout and one of the smartest, most viscerally effective thrillers in recent memory.

A.V. Club


As an exercise in classical scare tactics, delivered through an escalating series of primo setpieces, The Conjuring is often supremely effective.

Chicago Sun-Times


The Conjuring manages to place individuals in one isolated situation after another, where the editing and music are perfectly timed to capitalize on the payoff scare moment.



With The Conjuring, [Wan] once more turns the familiar terrifying, making it easy to fear what’s behind that closed door, or under the bed, or just around the corner, making a creaking noise that doesn’t sound quite right.

The Conjuring


Like the wood-grained farmhouse itself — a beautiful piece of production design by Julie Berghoff — The Conjuring has an analog solidity that makes the terror to come almost unbearable.

Is that you Casper?

This is an enjoyable ghost flick that definitely packs in some good scares. Whilst it didn't genuinely frighten me it did keep me on the edge often and I was constantly engaged fully.

Creepy, spooky, awesomeness

A real throwback to the old-school horrors of the 70s. Properly creepy - I had to tape cushions on the ceiling to protect my wife's head - and that's all you could want from a ghost tale.

Nostalgic Horror

It's been a while. But finally there is a horror movie that lives up to the title.

I remember the time of genuine horrors. The exorcists and the Damien the Omens of the 70s. A time when cinema seats where made of brown leather for a reason.

Sure, senseless murders achieved in new and creative ways by the bucket load perpetrated by dark and evil entities has a gruesome novelty to it, but where is the genuine fear that a true horror movie use to instil in viewers. What happened to the WTF factor, the fright, the anxiety? Well look no further. The conjuring has conjured up these old cinematic feelings, snuck them up behind you and let them tingle their way up your spine again.

A 4/5 from me.

Great classic horror

I really enjoyed The Conjuring. Acting was a little bit shaky in some places, but overall the story-line was good and there were a few decent scares.





Its about time they went back to the good old days for horror movies. All the gore, blood and guts stuff these days has put me off them. Really enjoyed it and would defiantly see it again.

Creating Atmosphere

The story evolves slowly from two different directions.One of the family that have moved to a house they just bought.The other is the view of the investigators.It all comes together to counter the paranormal.Because it is based on a true story it does not vary to much from a predictable movie.

The skill of the director far exceeds the story.The camera angles and timing turned it into a gripping film.It is a credit to the crew who put it together.

Edge of your seat stuff...

Director James Wan does it again. Simple but truly effective horror with some genuine scares thrown in there. Wan also pay homage to his genre favourites The Birds, The Exorcist and Poltergeist. After so many average horrors recently is good to see someone producing the goods. Thanks flicks for the double pass which I won!



The Conjuring works with the tried and true and delivers pure, unnerving terror and dread.

Horror, as a genre, just doesn't cut it in modern cinema. Audiences have become too desensitized to cheap images and loud noises to provoke a 'scare' that everyone has begun to believe that this is the norm. It has been the destruction of a great genre for the past 20 years and we've only had a shimmer of light maybe once a year, if we're lucky, on what truly can be done amongst the vast possibilities of horror. The Conjuring just shook the genre right back into place.

Based on true events, however dramatized, of one of the most shocking events witnessed by controversial paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, The Conjuring lays out the era of the 70's in stylish fashion right from the opening frame and it brings you head first into the atmosphere of the film right away. From there only director James Wan can guide the way...and dare I say it, he has set himself as an auteur of modern horror. He knows not to tamper with a tried and true formula of old-school horror and just goes for the heights of pure, unflinching dread and unbearable tension in nearly every scene, setting up his frames beautifully and timing it all so well, teasing the audience and building the tension as slow as he dares to go within his rich and frightening atmosphere. He delivers a shock or two with sound, but its all set out to test the audiences limits before he truly unleashes a flurry of evil and terror that hasn't been done in such a film for years. I found myself more than once feeling completely unnerved. That is a tough thing to do with me. It was also a nice thing to see that even though the script isn't deep with character development, that the time is still taken to intertwine the family within the evil and show that the power of family is a godly thing.

Great performances across the board are held higher thanks to a truly terrific performance from Vera Farmiga. She has had a fair share of dips in the last couple of years but 2013 is looking to be the year for her.

The Conjuring has to be seen in theaters. Letting the sight of a large screen and the encompassing atmosphere really take you in will have you experiencing all the familiar horror beats, but delivered with such methodical skill and pure terror. This right here is the best horror film in many years and stands nicely as a wonderful reminder of what the classics were all about.