The Croods 3D

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Meet the first modern family.

Prehistoric animated feature from DreamWorks (Shrek), featuring the voices of Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone and Catherine Keener. When their cave is destroyed, the Crood family set out to find a new home and encounter a strange, new territory. Struggling already to keep order amongst his litter, things get worse for patriarch Grug (Cage) when they encounter an imaginative nomad named Guy (Reynolds) - a new romantic interest for daughter Eep (Stone). From the director of How to Train Your Dragon.



DreamWorks Animation

Adventure, Animated, Comedy, Kids & Family, 3D

Rating: G


Making his distinctive style known with Lilo & Stitch, animation veteran Chris Sanders proved his children’s storytelling abilities with the superb How to Train Your Dragon. However, his latest outing takes him to the same tier as Pixar filmmaking warlocks Andrew Stanton, John Lasseter and Brad Bird.

When continental shifts cause the land around them to crumble, a family of cavemen, women and children are forced out of their cave of safety and solitude – much to the daughter’s delight and the father’s horror. Strangers to the world they inhabit, they come across Guy, a fellow Neanderthal whose lack of ignorance is their key to both survival and to living.

From the delightfully oddball creature designs to the plethora of visual gags, the Darwinian creativity on display is absorbing. Guy’s long-armed sloth pet Belt alone is going to reignite the plush toy industry and I literally laughed out loud when they took their family ‘photo’. Aside from perhaps the mother, each of the Croods brim with personality, characters complemented by the film’s surprisingly well-suited cast of A-listers.

The Croods didn’t just strike a chord in me; it played a harmony. Along with the film’s laughs and hijinks it also expresses the lessons I’d want my own children to learn – how fear of the unknown can be extinguished with understanding and that true beauty can be revealed through knowledge and experience. It’s a tight balancing act mixing this sort of heart with family-centric hilarity, but The Croods nails it. This is pure DreamWorks magic.

Empire (UK)


Guardian (UK)


A sort of methadone for die-hard Ice Age fans.

Hollywood Reporter


Lagging in the comedy stakes, this sweet Stone Age clan nonetheless will captivate the youngsters.

Los Angeles Times


Like the continents, it's a little too easy to drift away.

Total Film (UK)


For the most part it's Neanderthal compared to the Pixar stable.

Variety (USA)


Although state-of-the-art in its rendering of textures, movement and stereography, The Croods adopts a relatively primitive approach to storytelling.



Feel-good Animation

Awesome to look and Emma Stone is brilliant as the sassy Eep. It is a little cheesy and doesn't hold a candle to the more brilliant likes of Up and Finding Nemo, but is a solid entry into the animation category!

A pre-historic animated gem

The Croods is a triumph. From it's dazzling visual landscapes to its engaging story and the perfectly cast voice talent, this is one of Dreamwork's best in years.

Nicolas Cage provides his most animated performance in ages, there is a winning formula of pleasant characters who all go through their own trials and tribulations.

Children will delight in it. Adults will find more than enough to keep them satisfied. It's not quite a Pixar classic, but it's certainly the best kids film of 2013 to date. Over to you Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University....