The Gospel According to André

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Documentary biopic on the career of famed fashion editor and journalist André Leon Talley. Follows Talley from his roots in the segregated American South to becoming one of the most influential tastemakers and fashion curators of our times.


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Rating: M Drug references & sexual references


Hollywood Reporter


The Gospel According to Andre should prove catnip for fashion buffs.

Variety (USA)


The film amounts to essentially a long, intimate brunch conversation with its inimitable subject, and for those with even a passing interest in fashion, that should be plenty.

New York Times


Presumes that simply filling the screen with Mr. Talley is enough. If anyone could spot the flaw in that thinking - and offer up countless robust ideas on how to elevate it - it would probably be him.

Los Angeles Times


It's a fascinating look at the self-invented André Leon Talley, a bold, daring creation who never let anything obstruct his passions, curiosities and whims.

Vulture (USA)


The things that make Talley such an iconoclast and so unforgettable even to those who’ve scarcely picked up a fashion magazine in their lives — his stature, his mannerisms, his flamboyance, his race — feel, for the most part, uninvestigated.

Washington Post


The ‘Nelson Mandela of couture’ finally gets his due in this admiring new documentary.


Like its endearing subject, the film is insightful in a gentle sort of way, with more than a modicum of style itself – including lovely compositions from cinematographer Bryan Sarkine.