The Guilty (Den Skyldige)

Coming to Cinemas 28 February 2019

Jakob Cedergren (Submarino) anchors this Danish thriller about an emergency services phone operator that won the World Cinema Audience Award at Sundance.

"A sympathetic ear and willingness to help is what you expect when you dial 000. That’s not what happens when Asger Holm (Cedergren) answers. “It’s your own fault, isn’t it?” he tells one caller. But this demoted cop with a bad attitude springs attentively to life after receiving a call from Iben, a distressed mother who claims she’s been kidnapped by her violent ex-husband. Gustav Möller’s mightily impressive first feature delivers breath-quickening suspense without ever leaving the claustrophobic confines of Asger’s office." (Sydney Film Festival)



Directed by

Thriller, World Cinema


Rating: M Offensive language & content that may disturb

Danish and English with English subtitles




Despite a limited setting, Möller makes the most of his drama, keeping the action tense due to a powerful story and a tremendous performance from lead actor Jakob Cedergren.

Hollywood Reporter


In his feature debut, filmmaker Gustav Moller masterfully ratchets up tension without the benefit of the usual visual aids, forcing viewers to dust off their imaginations and put them to work with chillingly effective results.



Above all else, The Guilty is an acting showcase for Cedergren, whose has a considerable presence in European film and television but has yet to gain visibility in the English-language world.

Variety (USA)


A high-concept, low-budget and skilfully muscle-tensing Danish thriller to which you can imagine more than a couple of eager Tinseltown execs angling for the remake rights.

FilmInk (Australia)


...a remarkable, must-see thriller, and one of the strongest narrative features of the year to date.