The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Coming to Cinemas 27 September 2018

This house knows what makes you tick.

Jack Black and Oscar winner Cate Blanchett lead this family-friendly spook house feature from Amblin Entertainment, following a young orphan who goes to live with his uncle in his mysterious mansion.

The film is based on the beloved children’s classic written by John Bellairs and illustrated by Edward Gorey. Responsible for adult-only horrors like Hostel and The Green Inferno, this is director Eli Roth's first film appropriate for youngsters.


Directed by

  • Eli Roth('Death Wish', 'The Green Inferno', 'Hostel')

Written by

  • Eric Kripke
  • (based on the children's book of the same name by John Bellairs)

Kids & Family, Fantasy, Mystery, Blockbuster


Rating: PG Violence & scary scenes


Empire (UK)


A solid creepshow for (older) kids, which channels the visual appeal of '80s Amblin adventures while lacking their storytelling panache.

Screen International


Despite a fantastical premise and some truly eye-popping effects, The House With A Clock In Its Walls suffers from post-Potter fatigue; there's simply nothing here, visual or thematic, that hasn't been done before.

Hollywood Reporter


It largely succeeds, buoyed by Black's typical exuberance, Blanchett's typical slyness and a richly evocative rendering of a Rockwellian suburb sprinkled with goofer dust.

Variety (USA)


Roth adapts his skills quite nicely to this project's PG rating, delivering minor jolts where appropriate, and leaning on "Goosebumps" star Jack Black to leaven things with comedy throughout.

FilmInk (Australia)

press incredibly entertaining, if derivative around the edges, family-friendly fantasy flick...

Total Film (UK)


An engaging new direction for Eli Roth, who offsets the odd tonal hiccup with plenty of ghoulish delights.