The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete

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Only the strong rise above.

Coming-of-age drama from director George Tillman Jr. (Faster, Men of Honor), following 13-year-old Mister whose mother is apprehended by police. Left to wander the streets of Brooklyn with his 9-year-old pal Pete, the ever-resourceful pair battle malnourishment, dodge child protective services and hold on to the possibility of salvation. Features new music from Alicia Keys.

Hollywood Reporter


A well-intentioned but dramatically undernourished story of two neglected inner-city boys who find comfort in each other from a harsh environment.

New York Times


Pitched fascinatingly, at times uneasily, between misery and uplift, Mister & Pete tells the story of an endlessly resourceful child who survives the unimaginable over one long summer.

Time Out New York


The movie can't seem to settle on a consistent style or rhythm but still gets to you, even if it displays the subtlety of a truck going through a wall.

Variety (USA)


A pair of precociously charming performancess and a gritty sense of street can't prevent [this] from wading into soggy sentiment.