The Lone Ranger

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Never take off the mask.

Walt Disney wild west adventure with Armie Hammer as masked crime-fighter The Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp as his Native American warrior sidekick Tonto. From director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean). Co-stars Helena Bonham Carter, William Fichtner, Tom Wilkinson and Luther's Ruth Wilson.

Tonto recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (Hammer) into a legend of justice. The odd-couple pair battle through the wild west fighting greed and corruption.

The characters are based on those created by a Michigan radio station in the 1930s. They were a huge hit in America and spawned novels, comics and most famously the long-running TV show (1949 - 1957). Two of the show's most famous catch phrases have endured: "Hi-yo, Silver! Away!" (says the Lone Ranger to rally his white stallion Silver) and "Kemosabe" (meaning "trusted friend", what Tonto calls the Ranger).

You can’t fault Disney for pitching The Lone Ranger as ‘Pirates of the Wild West’. But while you can hold a bright candle to that comparison, Gore Verbinski’s ability to imitate the earnest enjoyment of its source material is what really shines through.

The familiar greed, land confiscation, political corruption, and attempted genocide that come with screen depictions of American Natives vs. The White Man serve as background fodder here. The real story comes with Johnny Depp’s Tonto moulding Armie Hammer’s goody-two-shoes John Reid into the hero he could be – though he would have preferred his brother Dan Reid. It’s all book-ended by an older Tonto retelling the adventure to a young-un – a narrative device that could have been chopped off the two-and-a-half hour running time.

Johnny doesn’t take his Jack Sparrow shtick to new Depp-ths, but Hammer feeds off his antics far better than Orlando Bloom ever did. William Fichtner brings a great cob of corn to his savage outlaw Butch, Helena Bonham Carter is effectively distracting as a dolled-up professional ‘dancer’ and Tom Wilkinson does a good Tom Wilkinson impression. It’s too bad that Luther’s Ruth Wilson is underused as a distressed damsel involved a weird incest-in-law romantic sub-plot.

The constant wackiness of The Lone Ranger seems jarring in this modern age of frowny-faced blockbusters. Yet the cheesy tone acts as momentum to justify the creative absurdity of its finale, a dual train chase that features all manner of stunts that lean towards the right side of ridiculous. The result is an action sequence so vastly joyous that it nudges a three-star film into four-star territory.

Hollywood Reporter


This attempt for another Pirates of the Caribbean-scaled series tries to have it too many ways tonally, resulting in a work that wobbles and thrashes all over the place.

Time Out New York


It's all too much and not enough-a succession of disparate, can-you-top-this episodes inelegantly piling up like skidding cars on a freeway.

Variety (USA)


Delivers all the energy and spectacle audiences have come to expect from a Jerry Bruckheimer production, but sucks out the fun in the process ...

AV Club (USA)


Though it lacks the sustained manic energy of Rango... [it's] crammed with enough fun matter—rollercoaster train chases, fourth-wall gags—to compensate.

Los Angeles Times


The real problem is that, for those who are familiar with the multibillion-dollar "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, there is little fresh or exciting about what we have here.

New York Times


Descends into nerve-racking incoherence.

Sydney Morning Herald


The originality dissipates and the oversized thrills do their best to take over on the way to a familiar destination.

Dull marathon

This movie has plenty of funny moments and both the opening and ending sequences are exciting and visually stunning though what's in between, yeah, hmmm. This movie isn't bad and it is watchable though it's 2 1/2 hour length is way too excessive. Nobody wants to sit through that much unnecessarily extended plot.


All it needed was a decent story, a memorable lead and an hour cut from the running time. I hear people saying this film has killed the cowboy genre. It's not a cowboy film. It's Pirates in disguise. Fingers crossed it'll go some way to killing the Verbinski genre.

Home on the Range

As a boy I watched re-runs of the lone ranger series and saw a couple of the Lone ranger inspired movies from the 50s & 60s on TV in the 70's (yes they had TV back then). So, I saw this modern re-imagining with a sense of nostalgia.

Although I had to look beyond the Disney brand of action and the Jack Sparrow stigmata, I thought the move captured the spirit of the lone ranger. From humble beginnings as a novel about the a Texas ranger hunting the killers of another ranger to a radio show in the 1930s to a modern Disney classic.

Depp pounded out a humour only he could with a character that only he could have played the way he did. Yes, Disney stamped it's trademarked middle-of-the-road traditionalism on it but what could you expect. The Lone Ranger was branded like this from his days as a radio show character in the 30s. He was about straight shooting, honest justice and thats the type of movie you got.

Even if you have never heard of the Lone ranger before now, your inner child is in for a real treat.

A rifle cocking, horse wispering 3/5 from me.

Modern adaptation

A well put together cast that allows the humour and action to combine in a way that anyone can enjoy. Elements humour throughout this is another good performance from Depp. Hammer can hold his own also and shows. This is a great modern rendition of an old classic that left myself and others in the cinema in stitches, cant say I saw one disappointed face leaving the theatre

The Lone Picture

The Lone Ranger

I really wasn't expecting much, so I wasn't disappointed. Not as bad as 'Starsky & Hutch' remake or 'Cowboys and Aliens' but close, saved by the whitful remarks (writing) of Depp. He carried the film I felt, which means if you're a Depp fan, then you'll totally love it. You'll love the good guys, and hate the baddies, it's that simple. Well told story & easy to follow with laughs even from the horse.

Genre : children, family, western, action, adventure

3/5 : I can't flaw it on things I don't like, but just seemed a little off parr for Disney, but at lest this film had real people!!

A comedy with heart.

A delightfully spoofy movie. A love letter to the cowboy movies of yore. And I don't mean the gritty, high art dramas. Roy Rogers (alas, no singing here, my one complaint) not John Wayne.

The humor is nicely balanced by the action and dramatic bits. An excellent ensemble cast all doing what they do so well.

Relative newcomer, Armie Hammer, turns in a strong performance as an idealistic young lawyer struggling to leave the shadow of his heroic older brother. Hammer's straight man to Johhnny Depps tap dance though slapstick, parody, drama and back works very well.

Park your brain under the seat and enjoy!

Great Movie!!

This movie has had some bad reviews. Typically they are just WRONG. I went to a packed cinema and at the end I saw lots of smiling faces. It has a mix of comedy and a serious story of how the American rail was forced through Indian Land (I doubt if American Christians want to hear that!!). I found it EASY to follow and Don't agree with "Confused". I get the Humour! It is simply not supposed to be all serious. After all it is a comic book character.





I thought that the movie overall was very uneven. It couldn't make up it's mind between spoof and actioner. Johnny Depp one of the most capable actors in Hollywood and is able to perform across an enormous range, so it was dissapointing to see him essentially present us with Cap'n Jack Sparrow with feathers. I feel that the movie would have benefited from better editing-it is too long- and a more consistent atmospheric structure to decide what it wanted to be. Over all Pirates of the Caribbean with less flair and originality and more horses.





As usual most professional 'critics' saw a different movie to my friend and I, this was just brilliant. Plenty of action, some good laughs, easy to follow story and true to a lot of aspects of the original series. Before viewing I thought Johnny Depp might have overplayed his role but he did a fine job and didn't make it too comedic or silly. Purists might not like Arnies portrayal of the Lone Ranger but it sat well in the film. A long film but it didn't feel it, recommended.

Just Brilliant

This is entertainment plus,nothing more nothing less.It has over the top situations(picture a steam train sliding sideways across the desert)with outrageous characters.It did not need to have been called the Lone Ranger except for the music towards the end which gave it away.It is over the top funny at times with a whacky script.There are new original ideas in the story which just keep on rolling in.All the characters are perfectly cast to make a top quality movie.

Don't miss this one.