The Music of Silence

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Oscar-nominated helmer Michael Radford (The Postman) directs Antonio Banderas and Tony Sebastian (Trystane Martell, Game of Thrones) in this Andrea Bocelli biopic told through Bocelli's alter ego, Amos Bardi.

Amos Bardi (Sebastian) was born in a small village near Tuscany with the gift of a beautiful voice but an illness which left him almost blind. When he is separated from his family to learn braille at an institute, he suffers an accident causing him to completely lose his sight. Despite everything, Amos refuses to give up and eventually his incredible voice wins him worldwide adulation.

Los Angeles Times


A range-constricted slog through the dreariest of showbiz-ascension clichés.

New York Times


This blah trudge from cradle to stage will be catnip to his fans and Ambien to everyone else. (Graeme Tuckett)


The Music of Silence is a fascinating story, given a by-the-numbers telling.

Hollywood Reporter


It's the cinematic equivalent of listening to opera in an elevator.