The Revenant

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Best Film and Actor winner at the 2016 Academyt Awards, this is director Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman) and Leonardo DiCaprio's brutal true survival tale set in 19th century American wilderness.Based on the story of fur trapper Hugh Glass.

Deep in the uncharted wilds of the American West, Glass (DiCaprio) is severely injured and left for dead by a traitorous member of his team, John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). With sheer will as his only weapon, Glass must navigate a hostile environment, a brutal winter, and warring Native American tribes in a quest to survive and exact vengeance on Fitzgerald.



Best Director, Actor (DiCaprio) and Cinematography at the 2016 Academy Awards; Best Picture, Director, Actor (DiCaprio), Cinematography and Sound at the 2016 BAFTA Awards; Best Picture (Drama), Director and Lead Actor (DiCaprio) at the 2016 Golden Globes

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Adventure, Drama


Rating: R16 Graphic violence, sexual violence & content that may disturb


Oscar-winner Alejandro G. Iñárritu applies his artful specificity to one of the wildest settings imaginable, resulting in a gripping and immersive frontier adventure. As an exercise in pure cinematic style, The Revenant is almost unprecedented - the film is simply staggering to behold for practically its entire running time. Iñárritu dives deep into the savagery of the setting and characters, exploring the insanity from all angles while maintaining a remarkably steady directorial hand.

The filmmaker's trademark extended tracking shots are very present here, and less self-conscious than they were in Birdman – the camerawork lends the violent action set-pieces a graceful beauty that must be experienced. An already-infamous bear attack scene sets a new standard for post-Life of Pi CGI cinematic beasts.

By deciding to exclusively use natural light, The Revenant’s stunning locations are given a flat, grey quality that will be familiar to many New Zealanders, and it only enhances the film's potent sense of immersion.

DiCaprio's dialogue-light lead performance is a thing of damp, sinewy tangibility - his ocular expressiveness has never been better utilised. Tom Hardy's response as his antagonist is to never blink, and that works as well. There isn't a bum note amongst the deep supporting cast, with Domhnall Gleeson (The Force Awakens) and Will Poulter (who was intriguingly cast as Pennywise in Cary Fukunaga's aborted adaptation of It) both especially great.

They all help this epic film maintain an emotional intimacy that informs the bravura filmmaking on display without ever quite superseding it.

Empire (UK)


DiCaprio's raw performance helps elevate what could have been just another man-versus-nature drama.

Total Film (UK)


Astounding. With a director, DoP and cast at the top of their game, The Revenant is a filmmaking triumph.

Hollywood Reporter


Pushing both brutal realism and extravagant visual poetry to the edges of what one customarily finds in mainstream American filmmaking...

Guardian (UK)


As thrilling and painful as a sheet of ice held to the skin.

Telegraph (UK)


There’s no question it’s an extraordinary, blood-summoning, sinew-stiffening ride.

Time Out London


What makes this more than just a punishing, fearful, expertly crafted thriller focused on one man’s endurance is heavily down to Emmanuel Lubezki’s attractive, thoughtful photography.

Variety (USA)


In aiming to steer his dark, fatalistic vision toward something genuinely contemplative and cathartic, Inarritu has managed to appropriate the beauty of Malick’s filmmaking but none of its sublimity... (Graeme Tuckett)


One of the bravest, toughest, most awe-inspiring exercises in "making a movie" ever attempted.


Love Love Tom Hardy - Also This Movie was very good in storyline & in action. have brought a copy in Blu Ray. Was a very brutal Bear Attack.




I love Leo ... but WTF

I am a massive Leo fan my cats are called Leo and Gatsby after him in fact. I had high hopes for the Revenant, great reviews, great cast, great director but no.

The storyline is not at all original or unique everyone has seen a tale of revenge in many different genres with different actors. Leo was just playing Leo but in a fur coat! At no point in the film did I believe he was in character. The film was approx 30 minutes too long with the end was especially draw out.

Okay that all feels a bit negative. So what didn't I hate. Visually The Revenant was stunning every scene looked beautiful. Supporting cast I enjoyed Domhnall Gleeson is most certainly an actor to watch who is appearing in everything lately and is always on point. Tom Hardy played his part well but his accent almost seemed to turn a little bit Bane-y at some points.

I wanted to be blow away and thought I would be especially after 'that bear scene' early on but overall not impressed.


This movie looks absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous on the big screen!! The scenery is spectacular, and the performances throughout this film are up to the same standard. I felt the cold the whole way through, as the landscape and surroundings are of as much importance as the Human characters in this movie. Loved every minute of this flick, it was intense, in your face, confronting moviemaking at its best!

Captivating and brutal

A great watch, something a bit different, Leo delivers a fantastic performance as usual. Loved the start and the whole story line. Wouldn't mind watching it again soon!

Half dead, half alive...

It’s hard to write off a movie that’s this well-crafted, but even with the best production design, special effects and cinematography that money can buy, The Revenant can stagger only so far.

By the half-way point, the film has pretty much run out of steam, and what should be a propulsive thriller instead becomes a tediously meandering object, tottering towards the 150-minute mark on legs even wobblier than those of its protagonist, friend of nature and bear-maulee Hugh Glass (Leonardo diCaprio). By the time diCaprio survives a preposterous cliff-dive and spends the subsequent night in some particularly malodourous sleeping conditions, the film has devolved into a survivalist parody of First Blood that achieves the impressive feat of making John Rambo seem like simpering milksop by comparison. Laugh? I nearly did.

If it gets its claws into you (heh), you may have a more enjoyable time than I did, but with the exception of the bravura (and genuinely upsetting) bear-attack sequence, The Revenant couldn’t make me care about anything that was happening within each of the exquisitely composed frames – Leo wasn’t the only person left cold by the experience.

Bear Grills eat yr heart out (not literally)

The Reverant - (Aus 2011) The Hunter, The Beach, All is Lost, The Grey : the beginning sequence was almost out of Platoon it was so graphic. Quite a dark film and strangely haunting but still felt like though all the effort very little was gained.

Genre : Adventure, Bear Grills, Beating the odds, Action

4/5 : for the cinematography and writing/directing, but overall I don’t think the mass populous will appreciate it for what it’s worth


Beautiful crane shots, one-takes, compelling story exposition are some highlights of this amazing movie - a mandatory cinematic experience though you will be wincing throughout.




Stretches credibility beyond breaking point

Over the top drama that could have capitalised on the "based on fact" starting point but went way off.


Very intense move but enjoyable, you can't look away even in the gory bits. Leonardo was amazing and deserves an Oscar for his acting.


Stunning. True cinematic masterpiece. A powerhouse of acting, directing and cinematography. Mandatory.