The Rock

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Alcatraz. Only one man has ever broken out. Now five million lives depend on two men breaking in.

Michael Bay's 1996 blockbuster starring Oscar-winners Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery as the only solution to a big problem: a military group gone rogue. Academy Award-nominee Ed Harris leads the troop, occupying Alcatraz with a deadly plan to drop nerve gas on San Francisco.


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Action, Adventure, Thriller, Blockbuster


Rating: R16 Violence and offensive language


Roger Ebert


A first-rate, slam-bang action thriller with a lot of style and no little humor.

Variety (USA)


This is a pure popcorn picture that benefits heavily from its trio of highly skilled, charismatic leading thesps, an unusual setting that provides plenty of visual stimulation...

Washington Post


A violence-intoxicated, far-fetched, morally corrupt drama.