The Runner

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Power always comes at a price.

The prolific Nic Cage is a Washington DC politician forced to confront dysfunction in his professional and personal life when he's forced to deal with both a sex scandal and the aftermath of 2010's BP oil spill.


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Drama, Thriller

Rating: M


Time Out New York


Everyone loves Nicolas Cage the bug-eyed lunatic. Nicolas Cage the serious actor, that's a tougher sell.

Los Angeles Times


A hollow, listless political drama that could have been a contender.

New York Times


This brand of political soap opera is being done better on television by shows like "Scandal," where this story would be little more than a secondary plotline.

Variety (USA)


The characters are so thinly and predictably drawn, and the movie's supposed insights into the art of political compromise so banal, that nothing catches fire ...