The Samaritan

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You've got to know a secret to tell a secret.

Samuel L. Jackson stars in this crime thriller as ex-con Foley. After twenty‐five years in prison, he is done with the grifter's life. When he meets beautiful Iris (Ruth Negga), the possibility of a new start looks real. But his past is proving to be a stubborn companion: Ethan (Luke Kirby), the son of his former partner, has an ingenious plan and he wants Foley in. The harder Foley tries to escape his past, the tighter he is ensnared in Ethan's web, until it becomes all too clear to Foley that some wrongs can never be made right.


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Rating: R16


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AV Club (USA)


Jackson seems only interested in cashing his paycheck, even if it's not an especially large one.

Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


Isn't a great noir, but it's true to the tradition and gives Samuel L. Jackson one of his best recent roles.

Guardian (UK)


It wants to be a nimble-footed con movie, but also a bludgeoning (and bloody) revenge thriller, neither of which it succeeds in.

Hollywood Reporter


A rock solid Samuel L. Jackson adeptly anchors the twists and turns of this noir crime thriller.

Little White Lies (UK)


Good early running is seriously undercut by tiresome twists, predictable turns and a rushed, botched, improbable ending.

Los Angeles Times


The haphazard feeling of the narrative deflates any real tension.

New York Times


Jackson's doleful revenant is in almost every scene, and this hardworking actor seems to know that the film around him should be a light-footed caper instead of a grim noir with a side order of deviance.

Variety (USA)


Misses a great opportunity to dig into its setting and examine the dark side of seemingly pristine Toronto...