The Sunset Limited

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Nothing is ever black or white.

Tommy Lee Jones directs and stars opposite Samuel L. Jackson in this one-room drama about a philosophy professor (Jones) who was about to throw himself in front of a moving train until a man of faith (Jackson) saves him. When they return to the man’s apartment, the professor attempts to justify ending his life. Adapted from a stageplay written by Cormac McCarthy (No Country for Old Men).


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Rating: M Offensive language


Hollywood Reporter


A lot of talking doesn't translate to a lot of interest as the intimacy of the play is lost on television. And likely on viewers.

New York Times


The two actors do everything they can to make that a tolerable situation, but they can never entirely distract us from the fact that they’re trapped in Mr. McCarthy’s dorm-room argument masquerading as a drama.

Variety (USA)


Few constructs are more intoxicating to actors -- and potentially stultifying to audiences -- than the two-character play.