The Tempest

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Inspired by Shakespeare's play, a supernatural-thriller directed by Julie Taymor (Across the Universe, Frida). All-star cast includes Helen Mirren, Russell Brand, Alfred Molina, Djimon Hounsou and Chris Cooper.

In this version, Prospero has been feminised to Prospera (Mirren), whose journey spirals through vengeance to forgiveness as she reigns over a magical island, cares for her young daughter, Miranda (Felicity Jones), and unleashes her powers against shipwrecked enemies.


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Drama, Fantasy, Thriller


Rating: M contains offensive language


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Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)


She (Taymor) doesn't capture Shakespeare's tone (or his meaning, I believe), but she certainly has boldness in her reinvention.

Empire (UK)


Taymor's winningly cast, imaginative take on Shakespeare passes the test of bringing the Bard to film. It may also be the only PG Disney film to contain the word "F---".

Hollywood Reporter


Far less daring than her 1999 "Titus," which took an electrifying, stylized approach of a lesser-known play, The Tempest in comparison looks disappointingly middle-of-the-road.

New York Times


Ms. Taymor's overscaled sense of stage spectacle can be impressive and effective, even moving, but her three-dimensional, high-volume compositions translate awkwardly into the cosmos of cinema, which turns her pageantry into mummery and the physical exuberance she likes to draw from performers into mugging.

Total Film (UK)


A fitfully engaging Tempest that could have used as much intellectual rigour as it boasts shock tactics and effects.

Variety (USA)


A Tempest so kitschy, yet curiously drab and banal.